You Need To Calm Down Taylor

Taylor Swift upset over a banana after laser eye surgery is the adorable video we didn’t know we needed.

The Lover singer’s recent procedure was revealed by her mum, who shared a hilarious video of her recovery with The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Broadcasting the clip to viewers, Jimmy literally couldn’t contain his laughter – as blushing Taylor looked all kinds of embarrassed. But at least now, the star says, she ‘really can see very well.’

Taylor Swift getting upset over a banana is shown on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

In the video, Taylor struggles to hold back the tears as she selects the wrong banana (‘This isn’t the one I wanted!’) and then tries not to fall asleep.

Unbeknownst to her, her mum is filming all the whining. She then secretly gave the tape to Fallon to surprise her daughter with.

There’s no more bad blood after Katy appeared in Taylor’s You Need To Calm Down video this year (Picture: YouTube)

Taylor’s TV appearance follows Katy Perry speaking out about making up with the star after a years-long feud. ‘We made amends’ Katy told talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres last month.

‘It was actually just a misunderstanding but we have such big groups of people that like to follow us and so they kind of turned on each other a little too and it was really unfortunate but we made amends.

She added: ‘I am all about redemption and forgiveness and for setting an example for those young people that it can be cool to ask for forgiveness and confront someone you may have an issue with or a problem with, and talk it out.’

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