You May See More Local Electric Car Charging Points Soon

A South Wales Valleys council has revealed plans to cater for the use of more electric vehicles in the area by increasing the number of charging points.

A number of recommendations have been made by councillors in Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) about how the council can cater for the predicted increase in the use of low-carbon and electric vehicles in the county borough over the next decade and more.

RCT is looking to improve its infrastructure for low carbon and electric vehicles (Image: Copyright Unknown)

A working group was set up to look into the issue after a notice of motion was approved by full council suggesting the authority develops a plan for a low-carbon vehicle infrastructure in RCT which the is currently said to be limited.

The number of plug-in cars being used in RCT is set to be 367 next year which is 0.3% of the total number of cars on the road.

This is predicted to go up to 2,255 by 2025, which would be just under 2% of the total number of cars on the road and then increase further to 7,559 by 2030, which would be over 5% of the total number of cars.

There could soon be more charging points (Image: Getty)

Welsh Government  has set a target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 with a 27% reduction by 2020, a 45% reduction by 2030 and a 67% reduction by 2040. 

In October 2018, Welsh Government announced £2m worth of funding to help create a public national network of rapid charging points and to explore the idea of having charging points at park and ride facilities and taxi ranks.

The UK Government says it wants to ban petrol and diesel vehicle sales by 2040.

The recommendations are:

  • To enhance the availability and accessibility of public electric vehicle charging points at locations like leisure centres and tourist destinations
  • To consider steps to support the infrastructure needed to cope with the predicted increase in the use of electric vehicles.
  • To include supplementary planning guidance so fast-charging infrastructure can be included in both residential and non-residential developments
  • To replace current petrol or diesel council vehicles with electric or hybrid vehicles where possible
  • To work in partnership to develop the infrastructure with potential for a collaborative approach across the Cardiff Capital Region.
  • To respond to the shift in technology by encouraging the development of relevant courses on the mechanical skills needed to maintain and service electric vehicles
  • To encourage the council’s supply chain to provide electric vehicles in areas such as school transport and taxi licensing
  • To call on the Welsh Government to take a more proactive approach in developing electrical vehicle infrastructure
  • To make sure the National Eisteddfod in RCT benefits from having the right electric vehicle charging points in place for visitors
  • To plan effectively now to ensure the long term sustainability of the economy.

A council report says that currently there are ‘limited charging points available in RCT.’

It adds that of the points in place not all are publicly available and the number available is low in comparison with neighbouring councils.

The working group felt that by increasing the provision of publicly available charging points in visible, accessible and reliable locations would benefit existing electric vehicle drivers and would then help residents to choose to electric vehicles while giving visitors the assurance that charging facilities are available.

Other local authorities like Caerphilly and Cardiff have developed individual strategies for electric vehicles and low emission transport with plug-in vehicles including public transport. 

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service , South Wales Police and Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board are also said to be looking in to their own plans. 

The council’s overview and scrutiny committee will consider the findings of the working group at its meeting on Tuesday, September 3.

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