With Just Two Candles, Britney Spears Burns Gym to the Ground

With Just Two Candles, Britney Spears Burns Gym to the Ground

Britney Spears burnt her gym to the ground at her luxury home with an accidental inferno sparked by just two candles.

The pop icon took to Instagram to reveal how she caused the blaze and said “yes, I burnt it down.”

The 38-year-old shared an exercise video to the social media site and explained why her workout room was filled with barely any exercise equipment.

Britney, famed for her hits such as Hit Me Baby One More Time and Womanizer, said: “Hi guys, I’m in my gym right now.

“I haven’t been in here for like six months because I burned my gym down, unfortunately.

“I had two candles and, yeah, one thing led to another and I burned it down.”

The pop princess revealed she now has only two pieces of equipment remaining, before going on to demonstrate her typical workout routine to her 24 million followers.

Captioning her snap, Britney said: “It was an accident …. but yes …. I burnt it down.

“I walked past the door to the gym and flames. BOOM!!!!!!

“By the Grace of God the alarm went off after that and yippy hoorah nobody got hurt.”

She signed off by saying: “Pssss I like working out better outside anyways.”

The mum-of-two frequently shares workout videos with her fans, showing off her toned abs.

Yesterday she told how she had lost weight because she was missing her boyfriend Sam Asghari during the coronavirus lockdown.

“I have been quarantining since I got back from Louisiana weeks ago …. so basically I haven’t seen my boyfriend @samasghari in what feels like a lifetime!!!!” she said.

Adding: “I have actually lost weight from missing him… now none of my pants or shorts fit!!!!! Guess that’s what missing someone can do…. who else is experiencing this????!”

News sourced from: Daily Star

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