Why this man is pretending to be a road on Twitter

Why this man is pretending to be a road on Twitter
Picture of road with twitter icon and header superimposed over it
Warfield Roads twitter campaign to get the speed limit reduced to 30mph

A man pretending to be a ‘busy’ road on social media is campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced.

The resident behind the parody twitter account ‘Warfield Road A3095’ has lived in Bracknell for 11 years and feels the speed limit is outdated as the 40mph limit was set in 1966.

He has campaigned since August 2018 by tweeting daily updates such as speed tracker tweets and pictures of crashes, highlighting the ‘dangers’ of the road and how much it has changed in the last couple of years.

“I always knew it was too fast for the road lay out at 40mph. However just accepted it as it was nowhere near as busy as it is today,” the anonymous man behind the account said.

“Bracknell has changed a lot in the last decade. However over recent years, I have seen the road get busier and busier. This is due to the Lexion and the out of control housing north of the borough.

“I’ve seen first hand dozens and dozens of near misses. Cyclists knocked off their bikes, speeding, excessive revving of engines, cats runs over, along with cars ignoring the traffic lights near Priory Lane.

“If you travel around any other major urban area in the UK they don’t have a road similar to the Warfield Rd at 40mph — It’s 30mph or lower.”

His frustrations were expressed in a series of tweets following a crash which happened on the Warfield Road at the junction between Folders Lane on Thursday, February 6.

Two cars were involved in the crash and paramedics treated one patient at the scene.

The other was treated for minor injuries in hospital.

Bracknell Forest Council said they have no plans to review the speed limit on the road. 

Andrew Hunter, Director, Place, Planning and Regeneration said: “The A3095 Warfield Road is classed as a distributor road, and as such is expected to carry large volumes of traffic. When considering an appropriate speed limit, factors such as the layout and visibility of the road, vehicle usage and previous accident history are all considered.  

“We would always encourage drivers to drive responsibly, and within given speed limits to ensure safety for all road users.

“In the case of Warfield Road, there has been only one recorded accident over the past three years, of which speeding was not a contributing factor, and surveys taken in 2017 show that the 40mph limit is adhered to by the majority of drivers. Currently we have no plans to review the speed limit on this road.”

Warfield Road A3095 twitter account has also expressed how the speed limit should be reduced to 30mph as three local schools, Ranelagh, Garth Hill College and Sandy Lane Primary School all use it twice a day.

The tweet said: “Sandy Lane, Garth Hill College and Ranelagh school children walk along me, this must add up to 2000 students and there are six connecting junctions with no lights.”

Bracknell Forest Council has been contacted for a comment.

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