What a load of Crepe! The 18 Weirdest Pancake Recipes

What a load of Crepe! The 18 Weirdest Pancake Recipes

Every day is Pancake Day if you truly believe.

Here are the 18 weirdest ways to prepare pancakes. But, let’s get honest: They’re still pancakes. So they gotta be delicious:

1. Bacon and Corn Pancakes:

Bacon and Corn Pancakes

We never say no to bacon. (Try this recipe at Recipe Girl!)

2. Mac and Cheese Pancakes:

Mac and Cheese Pancakes

We like pancakes. We like mac n cheese. Sure! (Try this recipe at The Blonde Buckeye!)

3. Red Velvet Pancakes With Coconut Syrup:

Red Velvet Pancakes With Coconut Syrup

If these taste anything like the cupcakes, we’ll take two. (Try this recipe at Electric Recipes!)

4. Baked Cheese and Mushroom Pancakes:

aked Cheese and Mushroom Pancakes

(Try this recipe at Voodoo & Sauce!)

5. Lamb Tikka With Curried Cauliflower Pancakes:

Lamb Tikka With Curried Cauliflower Pancakes

(Try this recipe at Florence Finds!)

6. Purple Pancakes:

Purple Pancakes

They’re purple because of beets though 🙁 (Try this recipe at Weelicious!)

7. Cornbread Pancakes with Taco Toppings:

Cornbread Pancakes with Taco Toppings

Say Yes to the Dress Tacos. (Try this recipe at Heat Oven to 350!)

8. Japanese Pancakes With Sticky Pork:

Japanese Pancakes With Sticky Pork:

They’re called Okonomiyaki. (Try this recipe at Gourmet Traveller!)

9. Chocolate Chili Pancakes:

Chocolate Chili Pancakes

(Try this recipe at Good to Know!)

10.  Sunrise Orange Pancakes:

Sunrise Orange Pancakes

Why drink a glass of O.J. when you can put the orange juice in the cakes?! (Try this recipe at Taste of Home!)

11. Greek Yogurt Pancakes:

Greek Yogurt Pancakes

(Try this recipe at Julia’s Album!)

12. Gingerbread Pancakes:

Gingerbread Pancakes

(Try this recipe at A Cozy Kitchen!)

13. Eggnog Pancakes with Cranberry Sauce:

Eggnog Pancakes with Cranberry Sauce

(Try this receipt at Real Mom Kitchen!)

14. Burger Pancakes: 

Burger Pancakes

With a real burger! (Try this recipe at Good to Know!)

15. S’more Pancakes:

S'more Pancakes

Yeees! (Try this recipe at Betty Crocker!)

16. Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes:

Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Yeees! (Try this recipe at Epicurious!)

17. Millionaire’s Shortbread Pancakes:

Millionaire's Shortbread Pancakes

Do you all know what this millionaire’s shortbread is?? It’s a candy bar with chocolate and caramel and butter! So much butter! (Try this recipe at Good to Know!)

18. Beer Pancakes:

Beer Pancakes

Get in our face. (Try this recipe at The Beeroness!)

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