We’re So Down For This New Whipped Trend

Whipped Nutella the New Insta Trend and We're So Down For This

Whipped coffee (formally known as Dalgona coffee) is the lockdown trend taking over on social media RN – but why should non-coffee drinkers miss out on the all the fun?

Luckily for us uncaffeinated folk, there’s a new drink trend that’s emerging online, and some could argue its even better that the original. Whipped Nutella, anyone?

We’ll let that sink in for a moment.

The incredible creation was first posted by Instagram foodie and professional sweet tooth Valentina Mussi (@sweetportfolio) who shared the easy steps to make it on her channel.

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?WHIPPED NUTELLA??⁣ ⁣ Nutella Whipped Milk ? — made using a spoonful of Nutella mixed with 1/3 of heavy whipping cream? you mix it all together until fluffy! Serve over iced milk (inspired by @fitwaffle)✨⁣ ⁣ ?What should I whip next? // send me your ideas!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ?Tim Serin Ft. Ashe – Stone (Original Mix)⁣ —⁣ #dalgonacoffee #whipped #frappe #nutella #whippedcoffee #bigbiteszn #asmr #socialdistancing #recipe #recipevideo #asmreating #asmrfood #asmrvideo #recipeoftheday #easyrecipes #recipes #recetas #foodvideo #buzzfeast #tastingtable #huffposttaste #thefeedfeed #foodcoma #wshh #eattheworld #cheatday #sugarrush #teampixel

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The minimal effort (plus *huge* Insta impact) drink is made using just a spoonful of Nutella and one third of a cup of heaving whipping cream.

Unlike a Dalgona – which sees equal parts instant coffee, hot water and sugar whipped with an electric mixer – this one can be done with just a whisk and some elbow grease.

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••Whipped Cocoa & Whipped Nutella inspired by @sweetportfolio ?•• . . . . . #whippedcoffee #whippednutella #whippedcocoa #dalgona #dalgonacoffee

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Simply mix your chocolate spread and cream in a bowl and after a while, it should begin to form a light, foamy cream. Mmm.

Next, simply add a dollop of the mixture on top of a cup of iced milk (a jar-type glass is best if you want to achieve Insta greatness), and decorate with a piece of chocolate.

See how easy it that? The hardest part is probably taking your like-worthy snap.

Valentina says she was inspired by London-based foodie Eloise (@fitwaffle), who created a Nutella Whipped Coffee – a magical hybrid of the Dalgona and whipped Nutella.

To make this, you simply add equal parts instant coffee, sugar and water to a bowl, mix until frothy, and finally add in a dollop on chocolate spread.

See? the possibilities are endless. Now… what to whip next?

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