Wargrave man creates app to transform the way feedback works

Wargrave man creates app to transform the way feedback works
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Wargrave man has launched a new app which could change the way people leave feedback on anything.

EmojitNow, launched by Ben Phillis, is the world’s first completely anonymous instant feedback app.

The free mobile app, currently available on iOS, has been designed to let people share their gut emotional reactions on anything and everything in their daily lives, and in real-time.

Be it January sales deals, the latest goings on in abroad and the food quality at a new restaurant – or the service and just how clean it is.

EmojitNow provides its users with a way of submitting their feedback on anything, making it possible to share their feelings using the international language of emojis.

Once they’ve logged in for the first time, users simply search for whatever they want to give feedback on, select one of the seven emojis and one of the various given reasons.

They then just press ‘EmojitNow’.

As the app’s database grows, so does the list of suggestions.

If something has already had an ‘emojit’ submitted on it, it will be found in the search bar.

If it isn’t already on the list, the user submits their emojit and the new item will remain pending until the EmojitNow moderators have approved it.

Since completing testing in November, the app has been building on its bank of things that can be fed back on, with more than 15,000 items already in the app.

Founder and co-creator, Ben Phillis said: “Unlike other social feedback platforms like Yik Yak or Yolo, I am proud to say that we’ve taken steps to separate the EmojitNow app from any risk of cyberbullying.

“The only communication we want to promote is between the user’s mind and the taps of their fingertips.

“Also, it’s 100 per cent anonymous, as unlike even Twitter or TripAdvisor, for example, our users never have to identify themselves publicly when they are giving their feedback.”

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