UK Hairdressers and Salons Could Open Mid-May

UK Hairdressers and Salons Could Open Mid-May

It’s been over a month of lockdown, and we’re all starting to hate our hair.

Whether your dark roots are showing, your greys are revealing themselves or your split ends are worsening – it’s not great.

four different pictures of badly shaved boys haircuts
Lockdown haircuts have all turned out badly

Hair stylists and beauty salons were some of the first services which the government used to close on March 24.

The close proximity of clients and hairdressers, the amount of time in the chair and the level of contact means it’s a risky environment.

The killer coronavirus means that we’re mostly buckling up and either trimming our hair (to disastrous results) or accepting that we might not look our best for a few months.

The popularity of the hashtags #LockdownHaircut and #CovidCut show how much we love, and rely on our hairdressers.

And, we’re happy to do it to protect the vulnerable, the NHS and our friends and families.

But, we really wish that it was safe to take a trip to the salon, for a colour, cut and… oh, a head massage.


So when will salons re-open?

Well, if we take our lead from the rest of Europe, it seems that lockdown will be slowly lifted, in stages, over the next month.

Denmark announced this week that they would begin rolling back their rules by re-openning hairdressers, salons, opticians and dentists on Monday.

Last Wednesday, their children returned to nursery and primary schools.

All of their other services remain closed, and will do so until May 10.

Germany, who’s figured now show their fewest Covid deaths and rates of infection since mid-march began re-opening some shops and services on Monday.

This included hairdressers.

Norways and Switzerland are re-opening salons on Monday, April 27.

While France and Spain have no plans to lift their lockdown and it will remain in place well into May.

So, there’s no definitive, set rule as to when UK hairdressers will be allowed toward again.

But, it’s likely they’ll be one of the earlier services to re-open using the government’s “traffic light” system.

The Telegraph’s beauty director, Sonia Haria, believes it might even be as early as May 11.

However, restaurants and other non-essential services are likely to be closed later than that.

News sourced from: Daily Star

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