UK Weather reports restart Noah boat project

Flood warnings are in place across the UK with some regions expected to see as much as two weeks of rain in less than an hour later, the Met Office says.

South-west Scotland, Wales and southern England could experience power cuts, road closures and travel disruptions, it added in a yellow warning..

Drivers are navigating adverse weather conditions across the nation after heavy rainfall

The Environment Agency has issued 76 flood warnings and 184 alerts across England amid regional disruption.

It also warned of floods caused by a coastal surge in Cornwall.

People were told to leave caravans and seaside properties in the county on Tuesday morning and not to return until it is safe to do so.

Commuters shelter from the rain under umbrellas in Queen Square, Bristol

There were also eight flood warnings in Wales and one flood warning in Scotland, around Loch Ryan.

The Met Office yellow warning lasts until 20:00 across large parts of central and southern England, and Wales.

Heavy rain overnight meant a number of roads were flooded in Cumbria, where police say the north of the county is most affected.

The A6 @ Carleton is impassable due to flooding. There is currently a full closure from London Rd out of Carlisle eastbound and J42 westbound. This is expected to reopen within a few hours.

End of Twitter post by @CumbriaoadsPolA landslide on the rail line between Carlisle and Newcastle has disrupted train services.

Flooding on the Cumbria Coast line between Carlisle and Maryport saw cancellations on Northern services from Carlisle to Barrow and onwards.

However, fears of a coastal surge in Hunstanton, west Norfolk, appear to have abated as wind levels are lower than expected.

Paul Burrows, from the Environment Agency, told the BBC’s Martin Barber: “The wind hasn’t quite tracked in the directed expected, hence the wave action is not quiet as severe as we had planned for.

“It’s good that we have taken action to enact prepared plans that have been tried and tested over the last 10 to 15 years to protect vulnerable communities from a range of variables that the sea throws at us.”

Meanwhile, on the Isle of Man, police warned residents not to travel as floods caused disruption to roads and school closures.

They added that people trapped inside homes should “go upstairs in your house and await further instructions”.

Flooding also appeared to trap cars in the East Midlands, with two vehicles caught up in high waters at Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire.

News sourced from BBC News

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