This Spells Trouble: Daniel Radcliffe’s Favourite Harry Potter Film is a Controversial Choice

This Spells Trouble: Daniel Radcliffe’s Favourite Harry Potter Film is a Controversial Choice

Daniel Radcliffe has opened up about his favourite Harry Potter film and most Potterheads out there might find themselves disagreeing with his selection.

The actor took part in WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview where he was tasked with answering some of the internet’s weird and wonderful questions about his life.

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When asked which movie he enjoys the most, Dan admitted that while he loves Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, his preferred choice would actually be The Order Of The Phoenix.

“I love the last one, but I also really love the fifth, which is not a lot of people’s favourite, I kind of realise,” he said. “I love it because of the relationship between Harry and Sirius [Black], and you get a lot of Gary Oldman in that movie.

“That was my favourite one. Probably to film as well. We had a really, really good time making that one. Five or seven, part two.”

Weirdly enough, Rupert Grint (AKA Ron Weasley) couldn’t disagree more. During a recent interview with Radio Times, he revealed that the later movies are practically unwatchable in his eyes.

“I think those early ones are OK. More time has passed. I can detach myself a bit more from that kid.

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“I did see Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone not long ago, for the first time since the premiere, and I actually enjoyed looking back. But the more recent ones I definitely couldn’t do. I could probably go up to [third film] Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban.”

To be fair, PoA is clearly the best film so at least Rupert is down to watch that. 

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