They’re back! Walkers announcement sends fans into a frenzy

Walkers announce the return of the flavoured Quavers

Walkers has delighted fans by announcing the return of two classic flavours of Quavers. 

The British snack food manufacturer took to Twitter last week to reveal the return of prawn cocktail and salt & vinegar crisps – sending fans into a frenzy. 

The flavours will return to shelves in January 2021, however it isn’t clear if they will taste the same as they did at the height of their popularity in the Nineties. 

In response to a post from the company, fans were quick to share their excitement, with one saying they had ‘waited eight years’ to taste the classic flavours again. 

One person wrote: ‘I am so happy these flavours are back, childhood favourites of mine. I am Quavers biggest fan because one of my earliest memories is of pinching them from my baby niece, back then they were known as a baby crisp and reserved for any babies that visited.’

‘#QuaversFlavours I love quavers, they make me melt. Here’s a joke for you.. I was out driving the other day and spotted a pack of prawn cocktail and salt & vinegar Quavers, I said ‘do you want a lift’ ‘no thanks’ they said, ‘we’re walkers’,’ another said.

A third added: ‘I’m salt & vinegar Quavers biggest fan that every time I see Quavers I talk about how they were my fav snack as a kid. I even b******* my parents for just buying 6 x cheese instead of a variety pack as s&v Quavers were what I wanted after my brain operation all those years ago.’

Others claimed they’ve been waiting years for the return of the flavours and Quavers are the only crisps that they enjoy.

‘#QuaversFlavours I am Quavers biggest fan because they are the only crisps I eat and i savour each and every one like it’s the first time i’m tasting them. They are the absolute best. And the best thing is my partner hates them, so I can sit in front of him and eat them,’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘Quavers are a daily part of my world, they have been my post swimming snack choice since I was a kid and will always be. No picnic ever happens without their presence and whenever I go abroad, I always seek out a shop that sells the big bags and buy one for each day! #QuaversFlavours’

A third tweeted: ‘#QuaversFlavours I’m the biggest fan because Quavers are cheesy like my jokes and my feet, they are curly like my hair and toenails. I make them into Quavers sandwiches and I scoop coleslaw onto them as a snack. I lick my finger to eat the bits at the bottom of the bag’  

Walkers representative Will Robinson, told FEMAIL: ‘We know how much Quavers mean to the nation and there’s no denying the love for the retro flavours having been inundated with requests and petitions to bring them back over the years.

‘So, we’ve finally given the nation what it wants with both Prawn Cocktail and Salt & Vinegar hitting the shelves early next year.

‘And as fans of both flavours ourselves, we couldn’t think of a better way to mark the occasion than by offering one of our superfans the opportunity to be the first to try them again.’ 

News Source: Daily Mail

Written by Nicky Wicky

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