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It was another exciting week in the Great British Bake Off tent, as the contestants got ready to party for Festival Week!

Buns and pastry galore! We saw the contestants create a multi-layered grilled cake for the Showstopper – yes you heard me correctly, grilled cake. In baking terms, it is called a ‘Kek Lapis Layer Cake’ found in festival celebrations in the Sarawak region of Malaysia.

Twitter goes mad every Tuesday night as Great British Bake Off fans head there to express their excitement and anger. Vanquis have been analysing fans’ conversations on Twitter, to see what they think.

Michael had a tough week, which saw him sent home, narrowly missing out on a quarter final slot. But it was Henry who got us all talking, being crowing Star Baker for the first time.

Henry’s success saw him become the most talked about contestant still on the show, with 10,144 mentions so far.

As well as winning his first week, Henry also received one of Paul’s highly sought-after Hollywood Handshakes, before accidentally telling Paul to ‘shut up’, sending Twitter into a frenzy!

Here are the most talked about contestants this year:

  1. Jamie – 16,559 mentions
  2. Henry – 10,144 mentions
  3. Michael – 9,977 mentions
  4. Helena – 8,489 mentions
  5. Priya – 4,820 mentions

If the public could vote, who would win?

While the final decision on who stays and who goes falls to Paul and Prue, we all have our own opinions on who deserves to win. But what would actually happen if the public could vote?

By taking the total amount of contestant mentions and weighing this against net viewer sentiment, Vanquis have calculated who the British public would choose to win.

If it was down to the viewers, Henry would continue his lucky streak and win the whole series, while Rosie would be the next person to go home. 

Will Twitter’s predictions come true?

We’ll have to wait till next week to find out! In the meantime, head over to the Vanquis website to find out more –

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