The Great British Bake Off – Paul And Prue Vs. The People

2019 Bake Off Judges

With Season 10 of The Great British Bake Off drawing to a close, tensions are high among the British public to find out who the winner is – this time hopefully without an accidental early reveal. However, weekly Twitter sentiment analysis by digital marketing agency AGY47 has found that the judges might not be serving up what the audience want.

GBBO’s process of elimination completely excludes viewer participation. But with that comes the risk that opinions between judges and the audience may be completely contrary.

The three finalists, Alice, Steph and David are yet to cause much of a stir among the viewers. None of the three final bakers have attracted the highest amount of tweets for any of the nine weeks.

Though Steph has claimed ‘Star Baker’ title in 4 of the 9 weeks so far, she is yet to draw in the most amount of tweets for any week. David has never achieved the title ‘Star Baker’, but public sentiment seems to be identical for the two bakers at around 47% positive, 15% negative and 38% neutral.

Plus, both are scoring higher than Alice for overall tweets and positive Twitter sentiment, even though she was the bookies favourite from the outset!

To put that into perspective, Henry has attracted over 10,000 tweets. Even Jamie, who was eliminated in Week 2, boasts a total of 6,362 tweets so far.

Interestingly, though Henry and Jamie have attained the most tweets, sentiment analysis shows that almost half have been neutral and only 38% have been positive – less than Steph and David at 46%.

Though that may not necessarily mean the judges are giving the viewers what they want. Amelia attained the highest percentage of positive tweets, at over 47%, but that is from just 589 tweets.

Figures from the last five seasons show that viewership for the Bake Off is declining. Keeping the audience talking is paramount to the success of any show, and the bakers who have attracted the most tweets are Henry, Jamie and Michael.

If it was up to the viewers, Tuesday’s final may look very different. Could it be time for GBBO to start letting the audience decide?

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