The Grand Tour Madagascar special: When is it released? What is the challenge? All you need to know

The Grand Tour Madagascar special: When is it released? What is the challenge? All you need to know

Confused about what’s happening with The Grand Tour? We’ve got the latest news on the return for Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

Jeremy Clarkson
Amazon Prime Video

The Grand Tour returned before Christmas with a new special – The Grand Tour presents Seamen.

Swapping their cars for sea vehicles, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond took to the water in Cambodia and Vietnam in arguably their most unusual and dangerous adventure ever.

2020 kicked off the with the first solo series from the presenters on Amazon Prime Video, James May’s travelogue Our Man In Japan. But fans of the trio are really desperate to know when we can expect to see them back together and back behind the wheel.

The good news is the second season four special has wrapped filming. Prime Video packed the boys off for another wild challenge in Madagascar.

The bad news? We have no idea when they’ll finish editing the film together and release it.

Here’s all your need to know about the Madagascar special…

When is the Madagascar special released?

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond
Amazon Prime Video

There is no confirmed date from Amazon Prime Video for the Madagascar special, but filming wrapped before Christmas. Therefore, we’d expect the film to be released in the first half of 2020 – but don’t hold us to that.

Amazon Prime Video revealed the following information on Twitter:

“Just to let you know. Yes, another special is coming. We’ve finished filming in Madagascar. No, we don’t know when it’s coming out yet. ‘Yes, Season 4 is made up of epic specials. No, they’re not released weekly. Yes, we’ll have more info in due course.”

That’s all cleared up then.

What do we know about the Madagascar special?

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May pose for The Grand Tour
Amazon Prime Video

Fan site Grand Tour Nation have been tracking the boys antics in the island off the coast of East Africa.

Clarkson, Hammond and May have been pictured driving modified cars off-road, believed to be a Ford Focus, Bentley Continental GT and Caterham.

Speaking about the latest film, James May told BBC Radio 2: “I think it is going to be great because, as an adventure, it was fantastic.

“Madagascar is a truly beautiful place.

“It’s wonderful, I don’t know why it isn’t full of artists – it’s just beautiful water, the skies, the breeze, the clouds – it’s ludicrously pretty.”

Is this the last special?

The Grand Tour presenters take to water in their Seamen special
Amazon Prime Video

Far from it. Andy Wilman and the crew are prepared for another year of filming, so we can probably expect at least a couple more films.

In fact, considering the popularity of The Grand Tour and the reduced workload for the presenters, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more specials for many years to come.

What happened to the Grand Tour tent?

The Grand Tour presenters
Amazon Prime Video

Jeremy Clarkson broke down in tears as The Grand Tour season 3 concluded, sharing his sadness that the show would no longer have a studio audience element and will look very different in the future.

The Grand Tour Tent will be no more and future episodes of the motoring show will be in the format of epic road trip adventure specials.

The final episode of series three included a nostalgic and emotional film about the Ford saloon which Clarkson has said he put his “heart and soul into writing”.

Speaking to the studio audience at the end of the episode, Clarkson said: “We have some good news, we’re not stopping.”

Richard Hammond added: “We can’t, we’d have to get jobs!”

Jeremy continued: “The show as you know it is ending…the audience…the track, but, who would like to see us doing more big adventures…road trips… specials.”

Richard Hammond added: “There is still so much of the world we haven’t been to.”

Jeremy said: “So many people I haven’t insulted!”

James May joked: “So many cars Richard hasn’t crashed!”

Jeremy continued: “So although the tent has gone, The Grand Tour goes on.”

Richard joked: “We are going to need walking sticks and nappies.”

Jeremy Clarkson: “So whilst it’s not goodbye from us, it is good bye from the tent… anyone want to buy a tent?”

What are the Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new solo projects?

James May with a lobster on his head
Amazon Prime Video

ncharacteristically, James May was first off the mark with his own spinoff series on Prime Video – Our Man in Japan – available to stream now.

Fifteen years after James May first visited Japan as a baffled tourist, he embarks on a quest to understand the unique, extraordinary and complex country. The birthplace of the haiku and classical art forms driven by the principles of Wabi (stark beauty) and Sabi (natural inspiration) and Yugen (grace and subtlety), Japan is also the place that’s given us Godzilla, Hello Kitty, Cosplay, and some of the strangest obsessions on the planet.

Richard Hammond was the second presenter to confirm their own spinoff series, which will see him teaming up with Mythbusters star Tory Belleci.

The epic six-part series will feature Hammond and Belleci shipwrecked in mysterious circumstances, stranded on a remote yet beautiful desert island.

Rather than sitting around waiting to be rescued, the pair decide to take matters into their own hands as they use all of their engineering and expert scientific prowess not only to survive, but to construct an out-of-this-world, paradise island playground.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he is working a series following his adventures as a farmer – with the working title, I Bought A Farm.

Filmed over the course of the farming year, the series will show Clarkson like you’ve never seen him before. Beginning in Autumn 2019, the series will observe the highs and lows of what Jeremy hopes will be a rural idyll but could just as easily become a rustic nightmare.

What happened in The Grand Tour presents Seamen?

Richard Hammond hugs a fish
Amazon Prime Video

It was an epic ‘road trip’ journey across Vietnam and Cambodia, with one slight difference. There are no cars or roads, only boats.

Their adventure-packed voyage takes them along one of the world’s most iconic waterways – the Mekong Delta. Fans can expect elements of their previous classic road trips, with the trio choosing their boats in the usual way they choose their cars, with their own off-the-wall rationale, putting their own spin on their individual vessels… as well as each other’s.

This adventure across waters saw the presenters captaining three very different types of vessels. Clarkson’s ride is a recreation of a Vietnam war-era PBR (Patrol Boat River), the famed military vessel seen in Apocalypse Now.

Hammond channels his inner Don Johnson by opting for a Miami Vice style speedboat, and May lives out his canal holiday fantasy dream with a classic 1939 wooden river cruiser. Their aquatic road trip involves an 800km journey that starts on the perilous Tonlé Sap Lake, and weaves its way via a series of adventures and calamities down through the Mekong Delta. To cap it all off, the climax of the film is one of the most dangerous and exciting challenges Clarkson, Hammond and May have ever endured.

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