Un-Ropey Rope: The Best Skipping Ropes for your 2020 Workouts

The Best Skipping Ropes for your 2020 Workouts

No gym? No problem. Skip your way through 2020 and smash your fitness goals

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Already bored at home? Feeling a bit sluggish? Skipping is one of the most effective time:benefit ratio forms of exercise out there. Requiring very little space to get you sweating (and even less to store your kit) skipping ropes are the at-home affordable essential everyone should own.

It’s a full body workout; arms, back, shoulders, legs, and wrists. Skipping also requires you to be poised on the balls of your feet so it’s lower impact and therefore less stressful on knees and ankles than say walking. Jumping rope is also a discipline of focus and coordination too – there’s the double jump, skip jump, hop jump, cross-over .. the list could go on. There’s a whole host of online classes and apps to keep you motivated with countless routines and new challenges.

How many calories does skipping burn?

In comparative terms an hour of skipping typically burns around 1,000 calories, compared to walking at 300, swimming 550 and jogging at around 700. What’s more, when the weather’s taken a turn for the worst, it’s something you can do in your bedroom or living room. Just mind the neighbours if you live above the ground floor.

What are the different types of skipping ropes? 

Generally speaking, leather ropes are a little lighter and are good for beginners or those just looking for a general work. The most popular options are plastic and PVC skipping ropes. Not only are they especially affordable, durable and lightweight, but they’re good for beginners as well as advanced athletes, however, if you’re looking for speedy skipping they’re not the best for this.

Lastly, there are steel cable skipping ropes (think super fast speed skipping) which are very popular in the crossfit community. Steel cable skipping ropes allow you to do as many skips in a set amount of time as possible, and they usually have a protective coating so they’ll be very durable.  

Does size matter?

Yes! Skipping ropes often come in a variety of sizes too. There are a couple of general rules you can turn to (although some brands will also have more detailed and specific guides).

The first is the skipping rope should be three feet taller than your height, so if you’re 6ft, go for a 9ft rope. Another method is whilst standing on the rope, pull the chord upwards, and it should come to just below your armpit area. Many of the ropes we have selected below come in a long length (9ft or 10ft) and will be adjustable (9ft or 10ft) to fit you perfectly.

Beast Gear Beast Rope Pro

Suited to fast skipping, beginners might find this one a little tricky but this is a very well executed premium product, and is very hard to beat at this affordable price point. The coated steel cable is durable, and if you’re likely to be skipping outdoors it also comes with slide on protector to avoid damaging the actual cable.

It’s easily adjustable too, the handles are really nicely weighted and it has a super smooth and fast rotation action thanks to it’s double bearing (it’s like silk!). It comes in one size, and it’s then easily adjusted. Complete with a neat bag to stow it in and it looks the part too – always a nice bonus.

Black and red skipping rope
Beast Gear Beast Rope Pro

£19.97 | Amazon | Buy it now

Golden Stallion Wooden Skipping Rope

Ideal for all levels, if you’re looking for a more traditional style skipping rope, this is one of the most affordable quality options available. The hard wood handles feel sturdy and are easy to grip – they also double up to house removable weights if you’re looking for that added training effect. The real leather rope is also a little heavier which makes it easier to control compared to a steel cable option, which require more speed to use effectively. 

Brown skipping rope
Golden Stallion Wooden Skipping Rope

£34.99 | Amazon | Buy it now

RDX Speed Jump Skipping Rope

Made with a premium quality leather, ​this 310cm long rope allows you to cut it down so you can fit the rope length according to your height. The 90 degree perpendicular swivel design helps reduce traction on each rotation which keeps each jump smooth and steady in your hands. For under £15, this is a solid option. 

Brown skipping rope
RDX Speed Jump Skipping Rope

£13.99 | Argos |  Buy it now

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Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope

As cheap as chips, you can’t go wrong with this standard issue 9ft nylon skipping rope. Being a light rope, it’s ideal for fitness and speed training, and you can use it down the local park or in the back garden without worrying about ruining it.​

Black skipping rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope

£2.99 | Sports Direct | Buy it now

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RX Smart Gear Buff Cable 3.4 Skipping Rope

The Official Jump Rope of USA Boxing, there’s no doubt this is a super capable piece of kit that’ll last forever. If you’re thinking about getting into your double unders, or like investing in quality functional gear it’s the business. Popular in many crossfit gyms, it’s durable with an aircraft grade aluminum cable and PVC coating, and this cable at 3.4 ounces is ideal for beginners.​

Black skipping rope
RX Smart Gear Buff Cable 3.4 Skipping Rope

£49.98 | Kit Box | Buy it now

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Tangram Factory Smart Skipping Rope with LEDs

A brilliantly designed ‘smart’ rope, this displays your live jump count right in front of you by incorporating snazzy LEDs into the jump rope itself. This acts as a brilliant motivator and will likely keep you wanting to beat your personal best again and again. It’s also one size fits all, so you simply adjust to your desired length using a small screwdriver, hit the power button on the end of one of the chrome effect handles (they look and feel cool!) then it’ll sync to the Smart Gym app and you’re good to go. Record each work out including number of jumps and calories burned. The cable is connected by ball bearings, so it’s a smooth action too.​

Black skipping rope with LEDs
Tangram Factory Smart Skipping Rope with LEDs

£99.95 | Amazon | Buy it now

Crossrope Get Lean Set

With its neat patented mechanism, this set comes with two different weighted ropes which you can interchange mid workout in a flash – ideal for someone looking to take a more structured approach to their skipping, and thinking about building an effective training regime by purely skipping. The ropes are made of a coated braided steel, so they won’t tangle and you can use on any surface. The handles are nicely weighted with a very smooth rope action. It’s a durable and great feeling rope, coming at a slight price premium, but worth it.​

White and green skipping rope
Crossrope Get Lean Set

£69.12 | Cross Rope | Buy it now

Albert Rayner Speed Skipping Rope

Named after the world record holder for the most number of skips in ten seconds (that’s a staggering 108 if you wondered), the speed skipping rope is a favourite for boxers wanting to increase speed, coordination and endurance. The no nonsense simple design is unchanged since its creation in 1976 – so it’s stood the test of time for good reason – and it arrives in a standard 9ft length which you can cut and adjust to your preferred length.​

Red skipping rope with wooden handles
Albert Rayner Speed Skipping Rope

 £10.99 | Box Fit | Buy it now

adidas Skipping Rope​

An internal bearing helps deliver a smooth rotation in this 3m long adjustable length skipping rope from adidas. The rubberised cord isn’t as durable as the steel cable variety but it’s still perfectly useable outdoors and is a solid overall option. 

adidas skipping rope
adidas skipping rope

£17.99 | Very |​ Buy it now

Also available on Amazon


If you’re looking for a cheap, cheerful and effective skipping rope, the RDX Speed Jump Skipping Rope will suit most. The Golden Stallion Wooden Skipping Rope is a stylish and effective option for all levels but if you’re looking for a speed rope based on performance and durability, the Beast Gear outperforms the others in the shortlist.

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