The 90s is Briton’s favourite decade

Brits decide that the 90s as their favourite decade

New research into nostalgia from YouGov shows that the most fondly-remembered decade is the 1990s.

YouGov asked British adults to say what they thought of every decade from the 50’s to the noughties with the 90s receiving the highest positive score – more than six in ten (61%) Brits feel very or fairly positive about the era.

The 1980s came second with 59% of Brits holding a positive view of this decade, the 1970’s and 1960s came joint third (54% each), while the 2000s or the ‘noughties’ came fourth for just under half of Brits (49%). Only one third of Brits viewed the 1950’s positively (33%).

Interestingly, despite only a third remembering the 50s positively, almost six in ten (58%) experienced ‘fauxstalgia’ for the decade, meaning that they were under 4 years old at the end of the decade. The degree of fauxstalgia felt increases the longer ago the decade was.

When asked what people positively associated most with the most positively remembered decade the 1990s, ‘music’ came top with 21% of all mentions. Similarly, the Spice Girls (5%), Brit-pop (4%) and Oasis (3%) secured second, third and fifth place securing this decade as a musically remembered one. TV shows in general came fourth (5%) with Friends the most highly rated TV programme. 

Those that ‘almost always’ think fondly of the past are more likely to be worried about the future (83%), think life was simpler in the past (93%), and often feel lonely (60%). They’re also more likely than the average Brit to be afraid of change (58%) and modern life (51%).

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