Surprising Intimate Photo Stats for South Yorkshire Town

In a disturbing snapshot of morality in the smartphone age, one in four people admit to keeping an intimate snap of an ex-lover on their phone, and one in five has shown a naked picture of a partner to someone else.

Meanwhile, a fifth of Doncaster men under 45 say they have been a victim of revenge porn, while half of those surveyed say they fear becoming a victim over pictures they have shared with a partner.

Have you ever taken and sent naked pictures?

The poll, conducted for leading mobile phone insurer loveit coverit, reveals that 42% of people have had phone sex and one in 10 has done it behind a partner’s back.

And a whopping two thirds of people aged 18-45 have sexted someone – often someone they were not in a relationship with.

A surprising 40% of people admit to snooping on a lover’s phone or say they have snooped on a partner’s phone, either because they suspected cheating or were ”just being nosy”.

A fifth of young people would consider getting a tracking app to monitor their partner’s movements. 36% of respondents would feel distrusted if their partner were to get a tracking app.

Two thirds of people in relationships say that their partners know their phone password, whereas a third are unable to unlock their phone.

Over half of those who have been caught red-handed whilst snooping through their partners phone have said that they were just being nosy, whereas over a third did it through lack of trust.

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

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