Stray Dog Named ‘Sausage’ helps children cross the road

Not all heroes wear capes

Stray Dog Named 'Sausage' helps children cross the road

Not all heroes wear capes—but this canine crossing guard is a perfect example of how they might wear collars.

Earlier this week, a group of kindergartners in Batumi, Georgia was trying to cross a busy street with their human chaperone only to have several cars continue to drive past the designated crosswalk without stopping.

That’s when a stray neighborhood dog named Kursha took it upon himself to deter oncoming traffic by barking at the cars and clearing the road ahead of the children.

By the time Kursha was done scolding the nearby vehicles, the kids were able to cross the street without interference.

Although Kursha’s impressive display of safety skills make seem like just another walk in the park, he has become an internet sensation since a sidewalk pedestrian named Beqa Tsinadza managed to film the adorable exchange and post it to social media.

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