Stars Arrive For Jonathan Ross’s famous Halloween party

Craig Revel Horwood Halloween Outfit

We’re incredibly impressed by the stars’ costumes this year as celebrities began making their way to Jonathan Ross’s house for his annual Halloween party. The soiree is attended by the biggest names in Brit showbiz, with the likes of Holly Willoughby, Craig Revel-Horwood, Simon Pegg, Michael McIntyre, Scarlett Moffat and Davina McCall all getting into the spooky spirit.

Hosted by the TV presenter and his producer wife Jane Goldman, the couple’s party has become a staple of the scare season, with the British glitterati piling into the pair’s Hampstead home for a night of fun and amazing costumes.

Holly wore the outfit she’d sported on This Morning. Holly was right on time as she wore the same Wizard Of Oz costume she sported while hosting This Morning, er this morning. Tapping her ruby red slippers together, she rocked up as Dorothy on the arm of a man dressed as a monkey.

Not far behind was Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig, who really got into the spirit by channeling his ‘evil’ character into his Cruella de Vil costume – complete with a following of minions dressed as dotty Dalmations. We’ve seen brilliant Halloween costumes before, but this is something else, as it came with a dominatrix twist and a delightful conical bustier.

Craig Revel Horwood
Craig Revel Horwood Halloween Outfit

Simon Pegg turned up and might as well have shouted ‘HEEERE’S SIMON’ as he rocked an outfit riffing on Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining. All very good timing seeing as its sequel, Doctor Sleep, was released today and, look, he even has an axe.

While comedian Michael McIntyre also went the recent-film character route by dressing up as Joker. Joaquin Phoenix’s hair and makeup team needn’t fear they’ll soon be out of a job, as Michael donned a rather ill-fitting mask, but the dude was still terrifying for a Halloween party. Michael riffed on the Joker.

Alan Carr well and truly brought it, as he donned a costume a la The Shape Of Water, dressing as the humanoid fishman of our nightmares. After previously dressing as Gemma Collins, Alan went a whole other level up as he painted his face and sported a full-body, fishy suit.

That suit is going to be a pest when you go to the toilet, Alan.

A little Eddie and Patsy never hurt anyone Scarlett may be a little miffed on her entrance as she sees another partygoer don the famous Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone costume of the Absolutely Fabulous characters. Both pairs were winners in our eyes, as Scarlett hammed it up for the cameras on her way in as she toted a giant, novelty bottle of champagne. It’s gotta be the Bolly, right? Scarlett Moffatt also got into the Ab Fab spirit

Maya Jama rocked a mermaid costume as she headed into the bash alongside the pink Power Ranger.

Talk about friends in high places. Liam Payne was a latecomer as he rocked up to the shindig dressed as Batman. Liam was the Caped Crusador And he looked very serious while doing it.

Liam was joined by Little Britain’s David Walliams, who we initially thought went as as Doctor Evil from Austin Powers. Turns out he was the OG Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Going bald for the evening, he even rocked the villain’s famous scar as he toted a fake fluffy cat under his arm, stopping to take selfies with the crowds that had gathered outside the famous residence. One brilliant costume

He was followed by Jimmy Carr, who dressed as a handmaiden and it was quite a tale. There’s always one, right? There’s always a handmaiden

Stephen Merchant was ready to get spooky.

Alongside a spooky Stephen Merchant, Martin Freeman was ready to bust some ghosts. Because who are you gonna call? Apparently Martin Freeman. The actor sported the onesie of the famous Ghostbusters characters as he made his way into the party and on the hunt for any slimers. Who you gonna call? We’ve seen strange things…

As they rounded out the celebrity attendees, Dermot O’Leary held onto his wife Dee Koppang’s hand as they fronted up in Stranger Things-inspired costumes.

Right now, one thing’s for sure and that’s Jonathan’s party is going down in the history books. Again. Perhaps we’ll be there next year. Yes, we say that every year.

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