Starbucks Unveils Black ‘Phantom Frappucino’ – Gross

Starbucks unveils black 'phantom frappucino

Charcoal in drinks is really digging in as a trend.

We’re reaching the end of the wildly multicolored and playful “unicorn” drink trend, so Starbucks has been trying to go darker.

First it was with their Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino, and now, in Europe, they’re introducing the “Phantom Frappuccino” for Halloween. The beverage, which is vegan, is flavored with coconut, mango, spirulina, charcoal and pineapple, and includes “ghoulish lime slime.”

It also looks awful, like something went wrong in the Creepy Crawlers factory.

Charcoal is making its way into everything, from cocktails to ice cream to burger buns, and possibly reinvigorating the market for portable toothbrushes so no one’s wandering around with a black mouth (though charcoal has you covered there, too). 

Business Insider posits that, by using “trendy” vegan ingredients like charcoal and spirulina, Starbucks is attempting to cater to a more health-conscious crowd than it does with the Pumpkin Spice Latte. But the mini version of the Phantom Frappuccino still contains 33g of sugar.

Honestly, the pineapple and mango combo sounds great, but if we eat with our eyes first then that lime gel — which looks like a radioactive snot stream — will quickly repel you.

Starbucks has launched a Halloween drink in Japan, as well, with the “Halloween Red Night” Frappuccino, flavored with white chocolate brownies and a red berry sauce. Halloween, as we celebrate it now, is an American convention so it’s interesting (and hurtful?) that Starbucks is only launching these overseas.

But maybe that’s just our punishment for gloBOOlism.

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