Wash This Space: The revolutionary shower head breaking sales records in Europe

ShowerSpa: The revolutionary shower head breaking sales records in Europe

A great shower means a great day!

An incredible new shower head designed by two passionate engineers has been breaking sales records worldwide. It’s currently taking Europe by storm and has thousands joining the “better shower” movement.  

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What makes it so popular? It prevents limescale, chlorine and other impurities from entering the water thanks to the natural mineral stones in its handle. These stones, made of tourmaline, germanium, and clay naturally filter out impurities from the water. This helps to improve skin and hair quality.

It also can prevent skin and scalp irritations caused by limescale. It is particularly good for people who have dry hair or skin. But that’s not all. The ShowerSpa shower head also lowers water consumption. It’s fitted with a hundred micro-holes which can result in up to a 60% reduction in water consumption. This prevents waste and can lower the water bill! I live with my husband and my two children, and we each take one shower a day. The shower head paid for itself in just 2 months of use.  

If that wasn’t enough, the micro-holes also increase the water pressure by up to 250% for a more comfortable shower! The shower head contains 3 different, extremely blissful spray settings. On my old shower head, I always used the same setting. With ShowerSpa Shower, I vary between the 3 modes. As soon as I used it for the first time, I noticed that I wasn’t scratching myself anymore when I got out of the shower. After two weeks, my skin and hair became soft, and the tightness in my muscles eased.

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The ShowerSpa shower head is very easy to set up. It’s compatible with all baths and showers, as the connector is universal. It took me 30 seconds to set up. All you have to do is unscrew your old shower head and screw on the new one. It’s very light and easy to handle (190 grams, roughly the weight of an iPhone). 

As soon as you’ve ordered ShowerSpa Shower, your water will be as pure as the water used in hydrotherapy. It’s great for your health.

How Can I Purchase ShowerSpa? 

You can purchase ShowerSpa Shower on the official website by clicking here. The company behind ShowerSpa Shower is currently offering an introductory 50% off discount plus free shipping! Demand is currently very high for this product and inventory is limited, so we recommend taking advantage while it is still available.

If you have multiple bathrooms, take advantage of this offer and order several showerheads. You could also consider sending it as a gift to your loved ones.

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We’ve read the thousands of positive reviews raving about this product. After experiencing it ourselves, we’re happy to say that we love it too. 

It’s truly capable of taking your shower experience to the next level. It’s almost like having your own spa at home! 

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