Sarah Jessica Parker Drops Bombshell About Sex And The City

Sarah Jessica Parker drops bombshell about Sex and The City

She played newspaper columnist Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City for six seasons and two movies.

But almost a decade after the release of the final film, Sarah Jessica Parker has shared a mind-blowing theory about her character which, if true, will completely change how fans watch the show.

The 54-year-old actress told that Carrie’s trio of girlfriends – Miranda Hobbs, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones – may never have existed at all.

‘Did she make them up?’ Sarah Jessica Parker (pictured) has dropped a bombshell theory about Sex and the City, saying that Carrie Bradshaw’s trio of girlfriends may never have existed at all

‘Think about it: did Carrie make them up?’ she said. ‘She’s telling a story every week. This is her point of view, it’s almost always her point of view.’

In the final season of Sex and the City, Carrie left her laptop in New York and flew out alone to pursue a doomed romance with artist Alexander Petrovsky in Paris.

Sarah observed that this was the first time in the series her character was not telling the story, which proves the laptop was ‘the conduit’ for her friends to exist. 

‘Think about it for a second, right?’ she asked. 

Were they real? Sarah’s character, Carrie Bradshaw (second from left), was famously friends with Charlotte York (left), Samantha Jones (second from right) and Miranda Hobbs (far right), who were played by Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon respectively

Regardless of whether they were figments of Carrie’s imagination, the group of friends on Sex and the City have become iconic in their own right.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s latest theory isn’t the first time she has shattered fans’ illusions about her beloved character on the show. 

In an October 2016 interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Sarah described Carrie as an ‘immature’ and ‘childish’ person.Jetsetter! Sarah Jessica Parker is mobbed by Australian fans.

Hmm! The storylines on Sex and the City centred around what Carrie Bradshaw (pictured) was writing on her laptop, prompting Sarah to wonder if her pals were figments of her imagination

She said with Carrie ‘it had to be love, love, love, love all the time’, which she considered to be ‘childish in a way’.

And in a 2015 interview with E! News, Sarah made a point of saying that she and Carrie had made vastly different life choices.

‘I think there’s not a lot about Carrie that is actually similar to my life. Our choices have been so radically different,’ she said.

‘There are certain kinds of pillars that fundamentally are different. I like clothing, but I don’t have anywhere near a fevered relationship that she does.’

Story sourced from – Daily Mail

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