Restaurant review: Andreou’s Bistro in Arbroath offers fine Greek food

Andreou’s Bistro in Arbroath

Meeting up with friends in Arbroath, I remembered about this Greek-style eatery.

None of our four friends had been there, but liked the look of the menu, so a table was booked.

A popular place, we had to take a table slightly later than we’d first thought we would, so be sure to book ahead.

The bistro is the left-hand side of The Fisherman’s pub and would be very easy to walk past – but you shouldn’t.

A sign for Andreou’s Bistro
Andreou’s Bistro in Arbroath

Inside the seats are painted a pretty blue and the white walls are adorned with various Greek images, flags and words. There are booths as well as tables and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

The smell is amazing.

The food is cooked in an area behind the bar and the charcoal grill and spices just make you hungry and promise good things to come.

One of the restaurant specialities is the mezze for two. This can be fish, vegan, vegetarian or meat and usually costs £32. The night we were in the specials board said that for £40 we could add a bottle of wine to the order and so four of us went for the meat mezze with a bottle of rose and a bottle of white.

Our other two diners decided to share the Greek sharer vegetable platter starter (£9.50) followed by Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves, £9.50) and Calamari (£11). We also ordered drinks before the wine arrived and were given a big jug of iced water for us all.

Top marks go to our server, Shelby, who was attentive, fun and fielded the banter expertly (though one of our party would insist she has to work on her jokes, poor girl!).

The mezze is a series of courses. Our first dish was two dips – hummus and tzatziki – and olives, served with warmed flat bread accompanied by a bowl of fresh salad – leaves, feta, tomato, cucumber and a dressing. It was lovely.

Across the way the other platter had bread and dips and various vegetables, chickpea fritters and grilled halloumi.

Our next mezze dish was grilled halloumi. It was perfect. Slightly charred, which I love. This was followed by bowls of calamari. My friend and I are not often a fan of this, but both remarked on how tasty and expertly cooked it was, coated in a sort of salt and pepper batter, and we happily each ate a couple of pieces.

The main courses had been served, both with rice, and very decent sized portions. There were happy nods.

tables in a restaurant
The food is cooked in an area behind the bar

Next we were given fish fillets with a spicy tomato topping. It was fabulous and we debated what fish it was… sea bass maybe? Shelby checked and it was haddock, from the Spink shop beside the restaurant. Perfectly prepared and complemented by the topping.

We were also given two baskets of chips – Moroccan and salt and pepper (plain was the other option) which we all shared.

Our final dish was a chicken souvlaki. Chicken and peppers on a skewer served with flat bread and the tastiest sweet tomato sauce. One tiny criticism would be the bread was too big for the meat, I think we all ripped the breads in half to make a wrap where the meat wasn’t lost.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that we needed more chicken, as we were all pleasantly full by then, maybe just less bread.

For £20 a head it was an absolute feast – with wine!

I guess that mezze gives the kitchen the option to vary the dishes they serve. We were a little surprised to have two fish courses in our “meat” mezze but thoroughly enjoyed everything – and I’m sure that if you weren’t a fish fan they would serve you different dishes.

I can’t recommend this food highly enough. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

One thing to be aware of is the toilet has two cubicles and is used by both men and women. Slightly dated, but clean and operational which is what counts. And we had a fight with the pedal bin, but that was maybe the wine!

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