Remaining Paws-itive: Girl Dancing With Her Dog Will Send You Mutts

Remaining Paws-itive: Girl Dancing With Her Dog Will Send You Mutts

Feeling a little bit down? This viral video of a girl happily dancing with her “pup” is just the thing to make you smile.

Shared on Tuesday by Carrie Levan, an assistant professor at Colby College in Maine, the video features her young daughter dancing with their dog, Otis. The scene, which appears to be right out of a Disney movie, is made even cuter by the huge and happy-looking dog towering over his little human as they waltz around the room together. The girl, meanwhile, is seen smiling delightedly as she is led around the room by Otis.

“In case you need to smile… my daughter dancing with our pup Otis,” wrote Carrie Levan while sharing the video on Twitter.

Since being shared online two days ago, the video has gone massively viral on the microblogging platform, collecting more than 5 million views and 3 lakh ‘likes’.

In the comments section, many have thanked Ms Levan for sharing the adorable clip and remarked on the size of the dog.  

One comment on Otis’ resemblance to a Wookie from Star Wars led to Ms Levan sharing a throwback photo of their dog. 

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