Release the…. Lion?!?!

The caretaker of a Pakistani house of worship unleashed his pet lion on an electrician who was trying to collect late payment, local police say.

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The incident happened in an area of Punjab province called Shahdra in early September, local police told CNN.

Police said the electrician visited the house of worship multiple times because his wages were overdue, and eventually got into a heated debate with the caretaker — who then used his pet lion to attack the man.

Authorities said the victim did not initially file a police report because the caretaker promised to get him treatment and pay him compensation. A month passed and the caretaker received neither, so he decided to file a police report.

The caretaker has since been arrested. Police did not say whether the man had a license to own a pet lion or if the lion was still being cared for by the individual or if it had been moved to a zoo.

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