Quids in! Morrisons, Asda and Tesco now selling petrol for less than £1-a-litre for the first time in four years

Morrisons reduce petrol to less than £1 a litre
Supermarket giants reduce fuel price
  • Morrisons cut the price of petrol to a maximum of 99.7p per litre 
  • The cost of diesel has also been slashed to no more than 104.7p-a-litre
  • Asda and Tesco also cut unleaded prices to below £1-a-litre a day later 
  • It’s the first time fuel is being ‘sold nationally’ for less than £1 per litre  since February 2016
  • The cuts come more than 6 weeks after the first UK independent filling station sold petrol for less than £1 per litre on 26 March 

Morrisons has announced a cut in price of petrol to a maximum of 99.7p per litre at all of its forecourts from Monday.

The supermarket giant is the first to reduce the price of petrol below the £1 threshold since oil crashed last month and the coronavirus pandemic struck Europe – and it marks the first time fuel has been ‘sold nationally’ for less than £1 per litre since February 2016.

Diesel prices have also been reduced, with drivers paying no more than 104.7p-a-litre at any of Morrisons’ 337 filling stations across the country.

Asda and Tesco followed suit but cutting the price of unleaded to below £1-a-litre from Tuesday – though the latter is charging a penny more than its rivals for diesel.

Morrisons reduce the price of its fuel

Government figures show the average cost per litre and petrol and diesel on 4 May was 107.6p and 114.9p respectively.

Ashley Myers, head of Morrisons fuel, said: ‘This cut will help people who are travelling to work, those shopping for essentials, and those assisting the elderly and vulnerable.

‘We want to play our full part in reducing the cost of living and feeding the nation at this difficult time.’ 

The cuts by Morrisons means filling a 55-litre family car with a petrol engine is around £7 cheaper than it was when the nation first went into lockdown seven weeks ago and £10 less than at the start of the year.

The cuts have since been matched by Asda, which reduced pump prices to the same level from Tuesday.

Tesco also slashed fuel prices, though not by quite as much.

Drivers filling up with petrol at Tesco will pay no more than 99.9p a litre, while diesel motorists will be charged 105.9p per litre – over a penny more than rivals.

The news comes as the Government announced it would begin the first phase of dialling down the coronavirus lockdown from Wednesday, with those who are unable to work from home being allowed to travel to their places of employment.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged these workers to avoid public transport if at all possible, recommending they drive, cycle or walk instead. 

People will also be allowed to driver as far as they want to in order to exercise with members of their own household from Wednesday, with visits to to parks or beaches in England given the green light. 

Source: Daily Mail Online

Written by Nicky Wicky

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