Puss in boats: Cat spends its life Sailing with its owners

Puss in boats: Cat spends its life Sailing with its owners
Mat looking out over front of boat
Pawrate of the Caribbean: Miss Rigby, who spends her life sailing with her family PICTURE: SWNS

This is the amazing story of an adventurous cat that spends its life sailing with its family.

Miss Rigby, also known as Rigs, Riggles or Chicken, is an American Burnese who has lived on a boat with owners Shane and Maryvonne since she was a kitten.

She loves nothing more than exploring the waters of the US and the Caribbean sea with them.

Cat sat on front of boat

Shane, 53, and Maryvonne, 52, previously owned their own architect business together before quitting 10 years ago to pursue their passion for sailing.

They now live on their boat and travel full time.

Maryvonne from Florida said: ‘Miss Rigby is an American Burmese and her colour is called Champagne.

‘She comes from a breeder in Connecticut. Burmese are known to be the most ‘dog-like’ of all cat breeds.

‘They are extremely loving and loyal and also trainable — well, as much as you can train a cat.

‘She has lived on the boat with us her whole life since she was an 11 week old kitten. The boat is her home and she loves it.

‘I started Rigby’s Instagram account early 2017 after posting way too many cat pics on my own FB account. It flourished from there and went a bit nuts.

Cat on deck of boat

‘Rigs joined us on the boat in Long Island NY and since then we have sailed up and down the East Coast several times and across into the Bahamas numerous times.

‘We have been through the Caribbean with her down to Grenada stopping at most islands. She has travelled on our 50ft sailboat as well as larger powerboats that we have worked on and delivered up and down the US East Coast.

‘We have so many memories but the main one is how happy she makes us and how much we laugh at her and love her.

‘We can be in terrible sea conditions but she makes it bearable with her purring and cuteness. I can’t imagine not having her onboard.

Cat on owners shoulders on beach
All ashore: Rigs has lived on a boat with owners Shane and Maryvonne since she was an 11-week-old kitten

‘Our hikes are also a lot of fun and watching her do crazy runs chasing Shane makes life better. We have trained her to be like a dog and she hasn’t let us down.

‘Our main concern always is her safety. Whilst at sea she is mainly locked down below and is only allowed on deck in the cockpit in calm conditions and under strict supervision. We are often asked about why she doesn’t wear a life jacket.

‘We tried one on her but it just made her more clumsy. She can swim well and we would pick her up quickly if she fell in … tbh, I would jump in after her. Lol.

‘Our safety and the cat’s is very important and we have a lot of strategies in place in case of emergencies.

‘We also have a net hanging from the back of the boat in case she slipped off the boat whilst at anchor.

‘This has never happened thankfully. She is very sure-footed and aware of the water around her.’

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