Psssst ….. Local Media is long overdue a refreshing change

Local Media is long overdue a refreshing change

The local TV franchise that started in 2012 with great expectations from the government, is still trying to get off the starting blocks as far as being an independent, substantial and viable business.

It was supposed to ‘release’ local talent, drive inclusion and spread local TV across more of the UK by using technology. It was also to expected to develop a replacement for BARB, which due to its minute sample size is unfair, inaccurate and not fit for purpose in measuring TV viewership for niche audiences. The ultimate intention was to be able to count, fairly the number of viewers and then fairly, distribute advertising revenue to channel owners. This has failed.

That franchise business model is dead and needs to be buried as there is a viable replacement, but the change is so great a transition would be detrimental. To re-invent the traditional processes and indeed mindset is the sustainable future for Local Media……

Local media has lost its way

View TV Group has started to deploy Local Media Group a hybrid service of realistic local TV – PLUS local radio and local news, initially to 45 counties with the plan to deploy hyper-locally to 997 cities and towns in the UK. Local Media Group is planning on empowering ownership of the hyper local services to qualified and motivated individuals in the 997 areas.

The system is based around the OTT broadcast and monetisation platform Kapang.

It provides lower cost national TV (BBC / ITV / Dave etc.) mixed with locally-based news and TV content to any internet enabled device through the web, mobile apps or a set top box – monetised via local adverts for local businesses.

Kapang also plans to broadcast Vintage Music Radio to all counties and then towns and cities, which will have national and local news and a choice of local or national programming.

Finally, our digital newspaper; Knewsy, viewable in beta form at, is produced by local journalists, influencers and people who want to talk about their place and empowers the news broadcast on the hyperlocal tv and radio broadcast channels.

Knewsy does not have the desperate local website advertisements using high user click bait wasting peoples time, we only have production of local adverts which only fill a fraction of the page’s real estate.

View TV Group, through its platform Kapang has accomplished in months what the current licensees have failed to achieve in 8 years; empower local talent, drive inclusivity across the UK and through the latest broadcast and programmatic advertising technology, accurately count the number of viewers and pay channel owners fairly for their local and national content.

The monetisation of the channel is already 100% populated with minimum revenue guarantees in excess of £0.25/broadcasted hour across all channels.

The integration of TV, radio and a digital newspaper, through one technology platform but across the UK and based locally is a fantastic opportunity for anyone that wants to report news on, or advertise in their local area – on TV, radio and newspaper, IN ONE PLACE.

Knewsy can accept mobile videos and pictures from residents’ mobile phones allowing anyone to be on the scene and report to the rest of their community in a regulated way, much the same as social media does across smaller groups.

Opening these otherwise ‘closed’ systems to local people means that anyone can be involved, from their home to provide news, to advertise across their local viewers and listeners and provide opportunities to build a business by managing an area.

We agree with the new government who want to get rid of old ways of thinking, the current inefficiencies across the media and bring in fresh ideas like Kapang, empowering local people and businesses to take control of their local news and media.

For additional information please visit or contact Jamie Branson, Co-founder and Executive Manager, E:

Written by Nicky Wicky

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