Pranksters wrap swings in cling film in Totton park

Pranksters wrap swings in cling film in Totton park
Swings wrapped in cling film

Residents have praised a “harmless” prank in a Hampshire play park.

To the surprise of residents, pranksters in Totton covered the kids play area in Cheam Way Park with cling film.

The swings and play house were wrapped in layers of the product overnight between February 4 and February 5.

Colleen Geary, who lives on Cheam Way, saw the play park on a Facebook community group and headed straight down there with a bin bag to clear the rubbish.

She then cleared up the park to let kids continue playing.

Colleen said: “I saw it on Facebook and thought I would come and clear it up – I wanted to help out because I know the kids use it.

“I am not annoyed, we have had graffiti and things on the park so this is not bad at all.”

Nicki Desty, a Totton resident, said: “There’s a lot of nasty kids going round Totton right now, no respect for anyone or anything.

“If anyone should say anything to them, they spit or deliberately ride their bikes into them and that’s on a good day.

“They play chicken on the roads and poor drivers are having to slam brakes on to avoid hitting them, their luck will run out and that poor driver is going to go through hell.

“So I think the cling film prank not only is harmless and protects the equipment from harsh weather, it’s a massive change in their behaviour.”

Residents praised the prank and dubbed it a “nice change” following serious crimes such as burglaries and vandalism.

Emma Birtwell, who works in Totton, said: “I think this was funny, kids being kids, complete harmless fun – most of us at some stage have cling filmed or toilet rolled something over the years.

“With all the robbing and hatred going on it’s actually nice to see a harmless prank.”

She added: “They hurt nobody and damaged nothing I can honestly say some people need to remember they was kids once.”

This comes as vandals targeted an iconic war statue.

The War Horse memorial in Romsey had its reigns and paint damaged.

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