Piers Morgan Denies He’s Not Ill on GMB

Piers Morgan Denies He's Not Ill on GMB

Piers Morgan was forced to deny he is ill on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday. 

The 55-year-old said he was sweating because he felt under pressure to do his own make-up in the mornings as he no longer has a make-up artist due to social distancing measures. 

He also concerned people when he admitted he had a sore throat the day before, but was keen to admit that this was merely a consequence of shouting at people.

Piers Morgan close up shot of him midway through talking on good morning britain
Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday morning

At the start of the show, Piers said: ‘Do you know what, I actually feel quite hot and sweaty.

‘It’s not a need to go to Dr. Hilary, it’s the pressure of doing my own make-up as the clock ticks. I start hearing “two minutes’, 90 seconds, a minute”‘

Susanna Reid, 49, asked him: ‘Why don’t you leave a little bit more time?’

And he replied: ‘Because I’m prepping, reading all the papers. I’ve actually developed a slight sweat. It’s a pressure sweat.’ 

PIers kept clearing his throat during the show and Susanna asked kindly: ‘Are you alright this morning, by the way?’

He said: ‘I lost my voice last night shouting. A lot of people annoy me, the Beckhams in particular.

The day before, Piers had been vocalising his ire after it was revealed Victoria Beckham had furloughed 30 of her workers, despite her £335m fortune. 

Piers called Victoria, 46, a ‘pampered prima donna millionairess’ and said he was angry that the wife of millionaire footballer David Beckham, 44, was using the government bail-out scheme for her ‘failing vanity project’ fashion label.

Piers questioned why Victoria was able to receive taxpayer money to pay her staff furlough and responding to these claims, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said businesses should only use the tax-payer funded scheme ‘if they had to’.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain he said: ‘I think each person and each company should ask themselves: do they have to rely on the taxpayer?

‘Because this scheme is meant to be for, if you are about to make someone redundant and you haven’t got the money to continue to employ them, then you can rely on the Government to stop people being made redundant’.

He added that he wasn’t aware of the details Victoria’s business but said the clear principle was that ‘you should only be using it if you have to’.

At the start of the month, Piers was forced to deny he was ill once again when he said he looked peaky because he had applied his own make-up. 

He said: ‘So if I look a bit peaky it’s just because I haven’t been painted my normal way.

‘That’s what you normally look like!’ quipped co-anchor Susanna Reid, who added: ‘I think we would describe it as a glow!’

News sourced from: Daily Mail

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