Petition Launched To Ban Plastic-Filled Christmas Crackers

Plastic Ban, Christmas Crackers

Petition Launched To Ban Plastic-Filled Christmas Crackers To Cut Down On Plastic Pollution.

As well as becoming a bit more aware of our impact on the world around us, many of us are choosing to cut down on the amount of plastic – particularly single-use plastic – that we use.

Yep, a petition has been launched to ban Christmas crackers that contain plastic novelties, in a bid to help cut down on plastic waste.

On the whole, crackers contain a little snap, a paper hat, joke and a small (usually plastic) novelty, I say ‘novelty’ it’s usually an utterly useless teeny plastic comb or magnifying glass that you’ll look at once and then dump.

A view of a table setting for a Traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Day

This new petition is drawing attention to the fact that these little bits of plastic are utterly pointless and completely avoidable.

The petition, which is aimed at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi, Waitrose and Lidl, reads: “I am 13 years old and I love crackers at Christmas. We all have a great time pulling them at the end of lunch and then the table is left with a pile of plastic that nobody actual wants!

“Along with the wrapping and ribbons and the cracker-pully-bit it all goes straight in the bin and yet more plastic ends up in the ocean or landfill.

“Please stop selling them in the shops so they stop making them in China!

Save our planet – Alexander age 13.”

The petition comes after a number of post have gone viral on social media urging others to ditch the plastic-filled cracker this year, with some claiming that Christmas crackers are responsible for millions of bits of plastic being dumped every single year.

The posts have racked up hundreds of thousands of likes, so maybe it means this year we will see a huge drop in traditional crackers…

Of course, there are loads of alternatives to the traditional tat-filled crackers in stores now, you can get ones containing sweets, booze or even make your own, if you can be bothered.

If you want to sign the petition, you can do so here.

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