Papplewick pupils visit Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory to make chocolate

Papplewick pupils visit Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory to make chocolate
Papplewick students make chocolate

ENTHUSED students learned the art of chocolate making as part their geography course.

The trip to Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory in Windsor saw year 4 Papplewick students learn how to make chocolate.

Ascot pupils were divided into two groups with one team making and decorating chocolate bars making three with a choice of dark, milk and white.

The students learned how the chocolate is sourced from Peru while the second group enjoyed a presentation on how the sweet treat is made.

Tom Bunbury, headteacher at Papplewick, said: “This particular part of the Year 4 Geography course always seems rather popular, funnily enough.”

Pupils left the chocolate shop armed with bags of knowledge on where cocao pods are grown and their trusty chocolate bars.

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