Owning a Dog will help Chi-Wow-Her!

A dog boosts your dating chances for four in ten Brits

  • Owning a dog boosts dating chances with 40% of Brits
  • Cats are more divisive, enticing a third (29%) and putting off a fifth (20%)
  • 6 in 10 Brits are put off by a tarantula (60%) and over half are discouraged by snakes (53%)

New YouGov research can reveal which pets make them more or less likely to date someone.

4 in 10 Britons (40%) would be more willing to date someone if they had a dog, while just one in nine (11%) would be actively put off. Women are slightly more likely to be impressed by someone with a dog, at 42% compared to 36% of men.

Cats are more divisive; while 29% of people would be more willing to date a cat owner another 20% would be put off them. Gender differences for cats are much more noticeable – while men are split evenly (24% attracted and put off by cats) women are much more likely to find cats attractive than not (34% versus 16%).

Dogs and cats are the only pets that significantly boost a person’s dating prospects, while tortoises, rabbits, goldfish, hamsters and guinea pigs have no strong impact on attractiveness.

However, if you’re looking to find love there are some pets to be avoided. Tarantulas would put off 60% of Brits and attract only 2%, while snakes put off 53% and attract 4%. Women are particularly put off by these two animals (67% put off by tarantulas and 58% by snakes).

Surprisingly, miniature pigs perform poorly with over a third of Brits put off by this animal (37%) compared to just 11% who find them appealing.

Commenting on the research, Connor Ibbetson, Research Manager at YouGov said: “Despite there being many dating apps available to singletons, our research suggests that there are ways to help improve your chances, such as choosing the right pet. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing a dog for the sole purpose of finding love however.”

To read more about the research visit: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/relationships/articles-reports/2019/10/04/dog-boosts-your-dating-chances-dont-buy-tarantula

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

I provide a broad spectrum of news to View TV News whilst taking stories from the public and allowing people to hear about the real news every day of the week. Check out more at https://viewtvnews.com

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