Only one in three Brits celebrate Halloween

Pumpkin this Halloween
  • Only three in ten Brits say they’re celebrating Halloween this year (30%)
  • Just one in five Halloween celebrators are going to a Halloween party (20%)
  • A third of those not celebrating plan to hide from trick-or-treaters (29%)

New YouGov research shows that Britons love of Halloween could be waning, as only three in ten plan on joining in with the celebrations (30%).

Two thirds of Britons say that they’ve celebrated the holiday in the past (67%), but this year Brits are more likely to sit out the traditionally American celebration (60%).

Even among those who are celebrating, most Britons plan on staying home. The most popular planned celebrations are giving sweets to trick-or-treaters (63%), pumpkin carving (42%), and dressing up in a costume or watching scary films (both 29%).

Parties are most popular with younger Brits with more than two fifths (43%) age between 18 and 24 planning on attending a Halloween party, compared to 20% of the UK. Those aged over 55 are much more likely to stay home and hand out sweets (83%).

When it comes to how much people are willing to spend on Halloween, just over a third aim to spend up to £10 (35%) with 5% hoping to spend nothing. 27% plan to spend between £10 and £20, while 13% plan to spend between £20 and £30.

However, three in ten Brits who are not celebrating Halloween say that they will be turning off the lights to dodge local trick-or-treaters (29%).

Commenting on the research, Connor Ibbetson, Research Manager at YouGov said: “Halloween may be a highlight of the colder months for many, however it’s clear from our research that this view isn’t universal with three in ten planning to go to great lengths to hide from trick-or-treaters.

“Considering only three in ten Brits are celebrating Halloween this year, the holiday may be declining in popularity.”

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