Most wanted gets what he didn’t want

One of Britain’s most wanted men, Shane O’Brien, has been found guilty of murder after slashing a man’s neck in a bar.

Josh Hanson, 21, died after being slashed in the neck in West London in 2015.

O’Brien fled the country after the act of “pitiless savagery” in a private plane, sparking a three and a half year manhunt.

Mr Hanson, a council worker, was left clutching his neck as his horrified girlfriend watched blood pour from the 37cm (14.5in) wound which stretched from his left ear to the right side of his chest.

O’Brien, a father of two, walked out of the bar in Hillingdon, after the attack on 11 October, and enlisted the help of his friend “Vanessa” to get a plane from Biggin Hill to the Netherlands, the Old Bailey heard.

He grew long hair and a beard, and got the tattoo of his child’s name covered over. He used fake identity documents to travel through Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

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