Oldest Pub In Bristol going VEGAN

Considering there are some very old pubs in Bristol, being the oldest in the city is most definitely something to brag about.

While there has historically been some dispute over whether the Llandoger Trow or The Hatchet is older, the latter can now boldly take the honour following the closure of the King Street boozer earlier this year.ADVERTISING

But the fact it dates back all the way to 1606 isn’t the only reason to visit The Hatchet – it’s a city centre pub which boasts plenty of selling points.

Located on Frogmore Street, its proximity to the O2 Academy makes it the ideal place to enjoy a few pre and/or post-gig pints, while its ripe old age gives it a pleasingly cronky feel and plenty of character.

The Hatchet’s front door is lined with human skin (Image: Michael Lloyd Photography)

It also has two separate event spaces upstairs with a combined capacity of 250, which host regular club nights like UrSoEmo and RE:UP, as well as live music.

And of course, famously, the front door of the watering hole once frequented by Blackbeard is lined with human skin said to be the skin of executed criminals. Not a bad unique selling point, it would be fair to say.

The Hatchet goes vegan

What’s perhaps lesser-known is that the pub is also a vegan’s paradise, thanks to a new plant-based pop-up kitchen which is set to serve the pub’s first ever Sunday roast this weekend.

“We stopped doing in-house food earlier this year and instead welcomed our first ever pop-up kitchen called Soy Ahoy,” said events manager and bartender Keshia Davies.

“They do amazing vegan pub grub like burgers, dirty fries, tofu skewers, mac ‘n’ cheese and dishes like that. All their food has gone down really well since they launched here.

“And this Sunday we’ve got our first ever roast dinner, which is going to be completely vegan. It’s completely sold out with 60 people booking in, which we’re really pleased about.”

Jay Short and Keshia Davies behind the bar (Image: Michael Lloyd Photography)

Serving between midday and 5pm, chicken will be substituted with seitan while there will also be a gluten-free jackfruit and cider casserole to enjoy.

But if vegan food isn’t your thing, The Hatchet also kindly allows people to bring in their own food to have with their drinks if they prefer.

Welcoming atmosphere

Another string to The Hatchet’s bow is its all-welcoming nature, bringing all walks of life together which in turn contributes to a cracking atmosphere.

“The atmosphere is definitely my favourite thing about this job,” added the 22-year-old. “Especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

“We get a lot of regulars in here which means everyone knows each other and everyone is so friendly. We never get any trouble as var staff and we get on really well with our customers.

“But of course, that’s not to say we don’t welcome new faces – everyone is made to feel welcome here.”

The pub now has Sky Sports and a pool table (Image: Michael Lloyd Photography)

While the pub has traditionally been seen as a venue for rockers and metalheads to hang out, Keshia said that it has diversified in recent years to welcome a more alternative crowd.

It is also popular with nearby office workers and students, who can take advantage of a £3 deal on Butcombe Original, Ashton Press and Carlsberg when they present a valid NUS card.

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