No More Piers Morgan On Our Screens

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan will be missing from screens for the next couple of weeks.

The outspoken presenter said a shock goodbye to his beloved GMB viewers at the end of Wednesday’s show.

Piers has been trending on Twitter worldwide over the past two days under the hashtags #FirePiers and #SavePiers after two rival petitions were set up.

And it seems the haters have finally got their wish as Piers announced he would not be back for a while.

As the credits came in, Piers said: “Good Morning Britain is back tomorrow. I’m not. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Bye.”

Piers Morgan announced he would not be on air for a couple of weeks (Image: ITV)
Piers waved goodbye to his beloved viewers (Image: ITV)

Susanna joked that the anti-Piers brigade had won their battle against the presenter.

Before the show ended, she quickly added: “The petition worked.”

When the next show started, Lorraine Kelly said: “Bye Piers. It will be quite for the next couple of weeks.”

Susanna joked that the petition had worked (Image: ITV)

Earlier in the show, Piers revealed that the campaign to get him sacked had actually backfired as it had got him a payrise.

He said: “You’re not going to get rid of me. I don’t think they’ve really worked this through.

“They think making me trend worldwide for two days, making me the most talked about breakfast presenter in the world, will get rid of me.

“Let me tell you what you’ve done. You’ve helped me get a payrise. Cheers everybody.”

Piers revealed he actually got a pay rise (Image: ITV)
Piers’ ego was being fed by the trolls (Image: ITV)

Susanna admitted that the public backlash was only feeding his ego and warned the trolls to stop.

She said: “If you hate Piers Morgan, the idea is not to make him trend over the world. He has an ego the size of the London Eye.

“A little tip from my book, I’ve worked with him for a few years, ignore him. You’d do so much better.”

Piers got a lot of support on Twitter (Image: ITV)

Good Morning Britain viewers have flocked to Twitter to support Piers against calls for him to be sacked.

Backing the GMB host, one viewer tweeted: “You can’t fire #piersmorgan, he’s the only one that makes it worth turning the TV on so early in the morning.”

Another added: “They can’t sack piers!!! My 7 year old thinks piers is brave and just talks the truth.”

A third said: “If that petition would have succeeded then your show would no longer.”

Piers was seen running across the GMB studio (Image: ITV)
He made it into his seat a little late (Image: ITV)

This came after Piers rocked up late to the show after forgetting to shave his beard.

Piers was seen frantically dashing into the studio when the show started after failing to make in to his seat in time.

Susanna joked: “For a moment there I thought the petition had succeeded.”

*Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am

Story sourced from – The Mirror

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