Niall Horan It’s ‘Nice To Meet Ya’

Niall Horan is back with a different sound and his new bop Nice To Meet Ya is already climbing up the charts.

The Irish singer-songwriter released the song with a watching party on YouTube and the video reached number three on the UK iTunes charts.

The song itself is sitting pretty at number 44 on the charts and social media has been abuzz with positive reax to Niall’s new sound. The former One Direction star thanked fans tweeting: ‘Love the support so far. Thank you very much . Let’s get this baby moving up those charts.’

Niall even seems to have his own custom emoji on the hashtag for Nice To Meet Ya which is pretty rockstar. It’s been two years since he released his last album Flicker, and it seems the pop singer has grown with a more mature sound in this track.

The 26-year-old also revealed the album will feature a track that delves into some serious heartbreak after his split from Hailee Steinfeld in late 2018, titled Put A Little Love On Me, according to Capital FM.

Niall’s single cover and Gang of Youths’ album cover (Picture: Instagram

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Niall, with Australian band Gang of Youths calling him out over a ‘suspiciously similar’ cover art.

Despite the drama Nice To Meet Ya seems to be getting plenty of attention with fans sharing their love for his ‘very different vibe’ with some described the single as ‘Paul McCartney-esque’.

In the video a mystery woman is seen leaving his place after what seems like a fling. It then retraces his steps as to how he met the lovely lady, with a little bit of walking in the rain action sprinkled in to really make everyone happy.

One fan also pointed out that the video seems to hint at other songs titles from the album: ‘There are 4 songs hidden in the music video. Only took me 5+ times of watching to find all: Small Talk, Still, Heartbreak Weather, No Judgment’.

All we know is that it is certainly nice to meet this new Niall and we can’t wait to see him again.

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