New track for Stirling Singer

Stirling singer releases third track of 2019

STIRLING singer-songwriter Robbie Hutton will round off 2019 with aplomb as he unveils his third track of the year in the form of Too Late.

Stirling singer releases third track of 2019

Indeed, it has been a productive year for the 25-year-old, who released Waves and Battlefield in March and May, respectively.

His latest offering is a more introspective and delves into the often-painful degradation of a relationship and all that couples do to salvage their own wreckage.

“It’s about the pain of love,” Robbie said. “Sometimes, the longer you try to make it work, the harder it all becomes.

“That’s the way it goes with some relationships: Eventually, it all falls to pieces and you both go your separate ways. It may well be for the best, but you are still heartbroken.

“And, really, that’s the mood I wanted to try and capture with Too Late. It is all about that stage where you are together and trying your best to keep it going, but it’s slowly coming apart and you both know it.

“It’s not drawn from any single experience but a bit of an amalgam. But I’m sure there will be people out there who have been through something similar and can relate.”

Too Late comes just a few months after Robbie’s second release of the year, Battlefield. He also brought out Waves back in April, with both videos fairly grand in scale, featuring sprawling location shots.

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For his latest video, however, the singer took the decision to strip back the imagery and focus on a more intimate setting.

He said: “When you consider the previous two videos, it is very different. But, for me, I think that was necessary to capture the mood of the song.

“Too Late focuses on the private aspects of a relationship and how a couple struggle to keep things going. It was important to get that across to the audience: to lay bare the secret lives we all have.

“It gives it that more personal feel and the two actresses were terrific – they brought a sense of quiet desperation that would have been sorely missed.”

Too Late was officially released on Friday, October 11, with the music video set to go live on Friday, October 18.

And to mark the occasion, Robbie and his band will be playing a free gig at Box in Glasgow on Saturday, October 19.

Robbie added: “The show at Box is a bit of a release party, but also a bit of an invite to anyone who just wants to come along and listen to some good music.

“We’ll be playing a bunch of material and should be a cracking night. The more the merrier!”

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