Nakefit Souls for Beach Protection

Nakefit souls designed for multiple uses including beaches

The solution to burning your feet on hot sand or cutting them when rock-pooling has arrived at last.  And, it’s come in form of futuristic-chic stick-on soles.

The soles are “waterproof, cut-proof and slip-proof”, according to the manufacturers Nakefit. Costing £26 for ten pairs, the flip-flop alternatives look to save the scorching feet of holidaymakers world over.

Wearers can also be sure of attracting attention in the eye-catching elastic soles available in bright pink, blue and black. 

The Italian producers Nakefit, claim that their heat-resistant soles keep your feet protected on rocks and in the sea or pool -meaning it could well be time to throw away the flip-flop.

The company’s website also claims that the soles are resistant to all types of paving so wearers can also take a jaunt into town after a day lounging on the beach.

Another benefit is their protection against infections such as verrucas, common to many swimming pools. 

The invention is currently available for pre-order with Nakefit having reached a successful 200 percent of its Kickstarter crowd-funding goal. The company’s original goal was €20,000 (£17502) and they have already raised €118,816 (£103,807).

The invention benefits both your soul and soles as the product is entirely vegan. After climbing over rocks or running across the hot beach, wearers simply peel off the soles and can also re-use them at a later date.

The soles are available in a variety of sizes for both adult and children and can be shipped to any country in the world. Family packs containing ten female, male and baby stick-on-soles can be ordered for £79. 

‘We invented Nakefit to keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things it can already do,” a spokesperson from Nakefit told The Daily Mail.

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