Mothercare mural is returning to Bracknell

Mothercare mural is returning to Bracknell

The mural was above Mothercare in Charles Square and was removed when the town centre was demolished

Mural on side of building
The mural in Bracknell’s Charles Square was positioned above Mothercare

A huge mural from the old Bracknell town centre is due to make a comeback.

The 25 metre-long mural has not had a prominent location since the old town centre was demolished to make way for The Lexicon.

The mural, created by William Mitchell, used to sit above Mothercare in Charles Square but was deemed too large when the town centre regeneration began.

Bracknell Forest Council bosses have finally found a new location, on the east side of Braccan Walk car park between floors three and five.

The mural was commissioned in 1974 to mark the 25th anniversary of Bracknell becoming a new town.

It was designed to showcase the history of the town and is reported to have Roman historical references, as well as Royal links.

Councillor Marc Brunel-Walker, Bracknell Forest Council’s regeneration chief, said: “Over the past two years we have been working on finding a space large enough to re-home the William Mitchell mural, that is both prominent and secure.

close up on an old mural
A close-up of the mural by William Mitchell above Mothercare in the old town centre

“The time taken reflects our desire to explore all viable options and ensure the new location is the right one.

“We’re delighted to have found a potential new long-term home along the wall of Braccan Walk car park, subject to a successful planning process.

“This location would allow the art to be placed along one of the major routes through the town.

“The project to reinstate the mural is one of the developers’ obligations as part of the regeneration and the costs are being met by Bracknell Regeneration Partnership.

“Unfortunately, due to the size of the mural and space constraints within The Lexicon, it simply isn’t possible to relocate it back into the main town centre.

“However, we know this piece of art is remembered fondly by many residents and we hope they will be excited to see it finally placed back within the borough in a prominent position.”

Resident Rob Francis welcomed the plans, said: “It’s great that this piece of Bracknell’s history is finally being put back on display. 

“The last time I saw it, it was dumped on the grass at the Met Office roundabout, just waiting to be stolen or vandalised!

“Although it’s sadly not going up in the most visible part of town, I think this is a better location than was originally proposed. 

“Keeping it high up also keeps it relatively safe.”

Bracknell Forest Council planning chiefs are currently considering plans to place the mural at Braccan Walk car park.

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