More needs to be done to encourage recycling, say 8 in 10 Brits

Brits want more recycling
  • Most Brits think more needs to be done to encourage recycling in the UK (83%)
  • Better council kerbside collection would encourage 16% of Brits to recycle more
  • 1 in 10 Brits think they current recycle as much as they can

New YouGov research shows that the British public want supermarkets to do more to reduce plastic packaging.

More than eight in ten Britons (83%) say that more needs to be done to encourage recycling in the UK, with only 12% who think enough is being done currently.

The largest blockages keeping Brits from recycling in the UK are a lack of local facilities, councils not collecting certain types of items from the kerbside (16%), a lack of local good recycling facilities (11%) and confusing rules over what can be recycled (8%).

One in six (16%) say they would recycle more if their local authority collected more types of recyclables, more often, and from their kerbside bins. Almost one in nine (11%) want better or more accessible community recycling facilities closer to home.

Despite half of Brits (50%) knowing about deposit recycle schemes, only 9% say that financial compensation through tax reductions or cash for the time they put into sorting and recycling waste would get them to recycle more.

One in twenty Brits (5%) say that they would recycle more if they received assurance that the items they’re sending for recycling are actually being recycled, and aren’t destined for landfill.

However, 10% of Brits say they think they already recycle all of their waste and that nothing could help them to recycle more.

Commenting on the research, Connor Ibbetson, Research Manager at YouGov said: “Whether this is through better council kerbside collections, communal recycling facilities, or better information on what can and can’t be recycled, our research shows that the majority of Brits think more needs to be done to encourage better recycling in the UK.

“What is interesting is that 5% of Brits would only recycle more after assurances that what they’re currently recycling isn’t ending up in landfill.”

2,056 UK adults surveyed between 19th and 20th September 2019

With 34 offices in 22 countries and over 7 million panel members in 42 markets, YouGov has one of the world’s largest research networks.

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