Marmite beer… will you love it or hate it?

Love it or Hate it???

Brewers crafty ‘smoky’ ale from classic yeast spread.

Its makers clearly aren’t expecting an indifferent response from drinkers.

And with the famously divisive flavour of Marmite a key element, it’s little wonder that they’re calling their new beer Love Hate.

The limited-edition 4.8 per cent ale from Camden Town Brewery in London will be available at stores nationwide from September 13.

The yeast extract spread is a by-product of the beer brewing process.

Marmite brand manager Sophie Allan said the product ‘originates from brewer’s yeast so we’ve simply gone full circle and put it back into beer’.

She added: ‘Marmite fans love it when we surprise them and put their favourite yeasty spread into new products, and this will be no exception.

‘Strictly for our over-18 fans only, with the help of our friends at Camden Town Brewery they’ll be able to enjoy the distinctive taste of Marmite in an ale.’

Ashleigh Amos of Camden Town Brewery said: ‘Marmite is such an iconic brand that’s been dividing the nation for over 100 years, so we couldn’t think of anyone more iconic to launch a collaboration beer with.

‘Combining Marmite’s distinctive flavours with our never pasteurised beer might seem like an unlikely pairing at first – but trust us, you’re going to love it.’

The brewers used smoked Rauch malt and Perle hops as well as Marmite to give the beer a smoky flavour.

A four-pack will cost £8 when it is released next month.

News Source: Daily Mail

Written by Nicky Wicky

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