Marks & Spencer shoppers outraged by ‘criminal’ new hot cross buns

Marks & Spencer shoppers outraged by 'criminal' new hot cross buns

Marks & Spencer have launched a new take on the traditional hot cross bun but some customers aren’t so keen, going as far as to brand the product ‘wrong’ and ‘criminal’.

3 hot cross buns with jam
M&S launch new savoury hot cross buns

Cadbury Creme Eggs are already back on the shelves, so it shouldn’t surprise you that some shops have also started stocking other Easter treats.

High street favourite Marks & Spencer have jumped on the bandwagon and are filling their bakery section with traditional goodies such as hot cross buns.

However they’ve got a new addition for 2020 – but shoppers aren’t entirely convinced by it.

The store has sold a range of flavoured hot cross buns in recent years, including carrot cake, salted caramel and Belgian chocolate and bramley apple.

But the latest flavour in their range puts a big twist on the humble hot cross bun, as it’s not sweet, but savoury.

4 hot cross buns
Hot cross buns are traditionally a sweet, spiced bun made with fruit such as raisins

M&S are offering shoppers chilli and cheese flavoured hot cross buns, which they recommend slathering with butter and chilli jam.

They shared the product announcement in a post on Facebook, writing: “Hello new flavour alert! These are not just hot cross buns… These are NEW Chilli and Cheese Hot Cross Buns. Visit us in store to toast the start of the Easter season.”

The post has quickly gone viral, garnering over 8,500 comments and more than 800 shares.

Plenty of customers were outraged by the whole thing, with one person branding the savoury hot cross buns “criminal”.

Another replied: “Noooo, these are just chilli and cheese baps or brioche.”

A third said: “That’s not a hot cross bun. It’s a cheese roll. Stop it.”

“Shouldn’t be allowed,” commented a different user. “REAL hot cross buns should not have any of these faddy flavourings.”

Someone else added: “No no no! So very wrong!”

However not everyone was completely against the idea, with some thinking they sounded very tasty.

One M&S shopper went right out to buy some and ate them for lunch the same day, saying “they are great”.

“These look delish,” wrote a second person.

Another excitedly proclaimed that they: “Need these in my life!”

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