Man Part of the Windrush Generation is 100 Years Old

A High Wycombe man who was part of the Windrush Generation recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

Percival Hector, also known as Percy, moved from St Vincent and the Grenadines to the town in 1955.

Percival Hector recently celebrated his 100th birthday

The centenarian reached the milestone on September 18 and had his birthday celebrations on September 21.

Vibert Hector, Percy’s son, told the Bucks Free Press: “To him, age is just a number.

“There was lots of clapping and cheering with great joy, as he amazed guests with his dancing, when he was asked to dance by someone almost half his age and kept going throughout the whole song.

“Everyone who knows him loves him.

“He is a humble man, very independent and self-sufficient for his age.”

Percy, who also received a letter from congratulations from the Queen, had many guests attend his party which included Labour councillor Sebert Graham along with the town’s Mayor, Mazamal Hussain.

He also received well wishes from the high commissioner for St Vincent and the Grenadines, with guests flying out from the Caribbean country and the US, to attend Percy’s party.

Vibert added: “Most people have never met a centenarian before, especially one as fit and able.

“So we would like to extend our huge congratulations and wish him many more years of good health and strength.”

Finally, Percy, whose hobbies include watching cricket and horse racing, revealed his secrets to living a long and healthy life.

He said: “Good health is down to having a spoon full of pure liquid cod liver oil daily, along with being positive and being content.

Story sourced from – Buck Free Press

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