Lush Bath Bomb Turns Hair Pink

A woman has accidentally dyed her hair pink, because of the colour running from a Lush bath bomb – and we actually think it looks pretty cool.

LUSH Bath Bomb Turns Woman's Hair Bright Pink And We Kind Of Love It

19-year-old Gabbie Jarvis used a Luxury Lush Pud bomb whilst enjoying a relaxing bath and the colour of the water transferred to her light blonde locks, leaving her with pink tresses.

It’s certainly one way of dying your hair and cheap too compared to getting it done in the salon, considering the bath bomb is £4.95.

Credit: Jam Press
Credit: Jam Press

And although we think it looks great, Gabbie is not so impressed with the accident.

Gabbie from Leeds, realised her hair had rose undertones almost instantly, but when she was blow drying her locks she realised just how pink her hair really was.

Despite trying everything in the book, the colour refused to come out, ruining a £60 colouring job she had done just the day before.

Gabbie isn't happy about her blonde do turning pink. Credit: Jam Press
Gabbie isn’t happy about her blonde do turning pink. Credit: Jam Press

Gabbie said: “I started to blow dry my hair and realised my hair was peach with pink and purple tones.

“The colour won’t come out.

“I’ve been told to let it fade out naturally as using head and shoulders and fairy liquid could affect my bleached hair.”

Credit: Jam Press/Lush
Credit: Jam Press/Lush

Gabbie has since complained to Lush and claims they offered her a bottle of shampoo to help remove the colour.

She said: “I’ve emailed lush and they’ve offered me a bottle of shampoo to help get it out, though they try accuse me of getting in the bath while the bomb was still fizzing which is completely untrue.

“They also asked for my receipts before they would help me and I had to prove I’d purchased it.”

Well, we think your new do looks fabulous and we’re not the only ones, people on Twitter are digging it too.

One user said: “Omg it looks so nice tho”.

While another added: “ok but it looks cute!”

And a third said: “Looks kinda cute though x”

The Twittersphere has spoken Gabbie.

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