London Fish and Chip Shop Offers Fried Quality Streets

Deep fried Quality Streets at Poppy's

Fish and chip shop introduces FRIED Quality Streets for Christmas and people love the ‘heavenly’ idea (but would YOU eat them?)

From deep-fried Mars bars to crispy pig ears, there isn’t much that can’t be coated in hot oil and cooked. 

And now, a London fish and chip shop has taken the experience up a notch by offering fried Quality Street sweets.

Poppies of Soho will be selling the ‘lucky dips’ of deep fried sweets for £2.50 from December 1 until Christmas Day.

Social media users are loving the idea, with many taking to Instagram to express how keen they are to try the fried chocolate treats.

Social media users are loving the idea, with many taking to Instagram to express their enthusiasm for the fried chocolate treats

One person wrote: ‘We have to try this,’ as another impressed individual said: ‘I have died and gone to heaven.’ ADVERTISING

The Poppies team also ranked the chocolates, with the Toffee Finger coming out on top and the Coconut Eclair falling to bottom place.

Poppies Fish and Chips rank the Quality Streets

1. Toffee Finger

2. The Purple One

3. Chocolate Caramel Brownie

4. Strawberry Delight

5. Toffee Penny

6. Orange Creme

7. The Green Triangle

8. Fudge

9. Orange Chocolate Crunch

10. Milk Choc Block

11. Caramel Swirl

12. Coconut Eclair

The shop will be asking customers to pick their favourites and keeping a record of the most popular ones, which could then feature permanently on its menu. 

It comes as high street food chains unveil their festive menus, to great excitement from fans. 

Greggs’ offerings will go on sale today, including the much-anticipated festive bake containing chicken breast, sage and onion stuffing and bacon in a creamy sage and cranberry sauce. 

Pret A Manger unveiled its festive menu yesterday, which sees the return of the beloved Christmas lunch sandwich, as well as the vegetarian and vegan version, while a new gluten-free version is also available. 

Along with the introduction of gluten-free bread to their menu, it’s also bringing out a festive version of the summer favourite lobster roll.

At Costa, fan-favourites returning for another year include Christmas Mac and Cheese, while new additions include a Terry’s Chocolate Muffin and a rich Black & White Forest Wreath Cake.

There’s also a new Irish coffee range of drinks and snacks, made with non-alcoholic whiskey-flavoured syrup.

It comes after Pret A Manger unveiled their festive menu yesterday, which sees the return of their Christmas lunch sandwich.

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