Local TV 2.0 arrives – this one works

Local TV – National Television but with local sponsorship and ads – why wouldn’t you want that?

You can exclusively lead the local media revolution within your area putting local businesses alongside national television channels, viewed by local people.

You earn money by trading local advertising to local viewers across national television channels as well as your own dedicated Local TV channel, so your revenues are based across multiple channels.

The next generation of Local TV has arrived, Local TV; efficient, flexible and scalable to broadcast television to your local community, and beyond.

What is Local TV?

Local TV is part of View TV Group. View TV Group provides an end to end service for fully managed and monetised television, radio and on-demand services. Local TV puts local news onto national TV along with local sponsorship and adverts to achieve sales from £25,000/month. You can invest in running your own counties local TV service, using the View TV Group brand to the more than 1 Million people who live in each English county.

How can I get involved with Local TV?

Local TV enables entrepreneurs, businesspeople and content providers to sell sponsorship and advertisements, on TV, to local businesses at county, city and town level. Viewers can enjoy national and other TV content along with local news and adverts on any iOS & Android mobile devices, smart TVs, web app and through Roku and another set top box.

How Local TV work?

There are opportunities for people to own the county level channel. for example:

-County Channel: Berkshire coverage >900,000 people

– Contributors: Reading, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Slough

There are also opportunities for people to contribute to the county channel at the city and town level.

View TV Group will provide your fully managed 24-hour scheduled TV channel and it also has a 7-day catchup. The channel will broadcast national and other content with local news appearing in the lower third of the screen, continuously. On the right- hand side of the screen, local sponsorship will be prominent and local ads will be shown continuously. Also, there will be ad breaks during scheduled programmes.

Local TV Revenue opportunity

The responsibility of the county channel owner and channel contributors will be to find sponsors and fill all the ad breaks with local ads. This will provide a minimum of £0.15/hour revenue for each hour content is viewed on any View TV Group channel, within the county of Berkshire i.e. if someone watches View TV Hampshire while in your channel area, your channel will get the ad revenue.

The cost of the county license will be an average of £12,000 for each city or major town in the county that has over 50,000 population. The county channel owner will then be able to sell the city or town to contributors for a price they decide on. Contributors can buy city or town areas from View TV Group if there is no incumbent channel owner.

Local sponsorship and advertising

The county channel owner will commit in gathering news and stories from across their county and from contributors at a set rate that conform to the license and send them to View TV Group. These stories will be displayed through the day based on a schedule. The channel owner and contributors will also sell local sponsorship and ads and manage the production of the ad video either locally or through View TV Group. View TV Group will provide a rate card to provide a baseline cost however, the channel owner and contributor will be able to charge higher than the rate card.

View TV Group will pay the channel owner for the news items that meet the requirements of the license. It is expected that these payments alone will recoup the original county channel owner’s investment before sponsorship and ad revenue is added.

PR, marketing & measurement

View TV Group will provide PR and marketing of View TV Local channels as a whole and the channel owner and channel contributor will provide PR for their own channel based on the requirements in the license.

View TV Group will provide channel owners with statistics covering a range of measures on viewing, ads served, revenue etc. and the channel owner will provide statistics on sponsorship and ad sales and PR and marketing of their channel monthly.

For more on local TV click here

Written by Dr Jamie Branson

I provide a broad spectrum of news to View TV News whilst taking stories from the public and allowing people to hear about the real news every day of the week. Check out more at https://viewtvnews.com

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