Local News needs a refreshing change – the Uber way!

Local News needs a refreshing change – the Uber way!

STILL delivering Local News across the UK!

Anyone can be involved in providing local news and be paid for it, using the Uber business model.

With more and more companies previously promoting working from home and people worldwide are being mandated to either social distance or self -isolate, there has already been a significant surge in viewership on OTT platforms.

Now we are being instructed to stay at home – be it working where possible, but essentially being at home. This presents a multitude of challenges for many businesses and indeed individuals, including local media, and now more than ever it is paramount to find not only a central source for local media but a supporting mechanism.

Introducing the Local Media Group from View TV Group:

Traditionally, newspapers, radio and TV all collect and distribute news and most of the time, it’s the same news. The collection and distribution process is often traditional as well, in other words, expensive and unwieldy. Even the BBC of recent days has stated it will have to rationalise news across national and regional TV and radio to make savings.

View TV Group has been developing a lower cost, high quality news collection and distribution service that is hyper-local – across 997 UK locations and that is already ahead of all other media, who are in catch-up mode.

We are deploying a hybrid service called Local Media Group comprising really local TV – PLUS local radio and local news, initially to 45 counties with the plan to deploy the service hyper-locally to 997 cities and towns in the UK. Local Media Group will empower ownership of the hyper local services to pre-qualified and motivated individuals in the 997 areas.

However, at the core is our digital newspaper; Knewsy, viewable in beta form at https://knewsy.com. It is produced by local journalists, influencers and people who want to talk about their locality. It empowers people to provide real, up to date hyper-local news.

What is really new though is how ANYONE can be involved in providing local news – and be paid for it, using a business model based on UBER.

In the same way Uber pays its drivers, it is up to local journalists whether to send in copy and photos or videos whenever it suits their circumstances. This means that anyone can provide local news that interests them, when they want and from home.

In addition, this hyper-local news will be included in both TV and radio broadcasts to the same hyper-local area. The service will provide national TV (BBC / ITV / Dave etc.) mixed with locally
based TV content and two radio stations. The TV and radio broadcasts can be enjoyed through any internet enabled device; through the web, mobile apps or a set top box – monetised via local adverts for local businesses on our platform; kapang.

For additional information please visit https://.kapang.com / https://knewsy.com, or contact Jamie Branson, Co-founder and Executive Manager, E: jamie.branson@viewtvgroup.com

Written by Nicky Wicky

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