Live singalong show for youngsters from Teddies Music Club

Live singalong show for youngsters from Teddies Music Club
Childrens Music Group
The show is designed as a first theatre experience for young children

Teddies Music Club in Maidenhead will be performing an interactive singalong adventure geared towards families with young children on February 22 at The Compass Theatre, Ickenham.

The musical performance, created by Claire Ross-Masson of Teddies Music Club, is called Pirate Pete and Princess Polly. It is about a princess, who, instead of sleeping for 100 years while waiting for her Prince Charming, is woken unexpectedly by a hairy pirate and goes with him on an adventure on the high seas.

“It’s a great chance for children and their parents to come and sing their socks off,” said Zita Newcome, co-founder of Teddies Music Club.

“The show is designed as a first theatre experience for young children, so we don’t expect anyone to sit still and keep quiet. In fact, we hope they’ll throw themselves into all the action songs as we tell and sing the story on stage,” said Claire.

Zita and Claire have been running Teddies Music Club for 27 years. It is one of few clubs who offer live music for new babies to five year olds, with a singer and a musician leading every session.

“When we first started, there was nothing like this around,” said Zita. The club has since grown in popularity and has a large online following.

“The benefits to the children are enormous. Singing to babies and young children lights up seven parts of their developing brains,” said Zita. “Singing together is pure fun and so many of the children go on to join choirs and learn instruments.”

The troupe has previously performed Pirate Pete and Princess Polly at Hexagon and Norden Farm Centre for the Arts last October.

The Compass Theatre showing is at 11:00am and 1:30pm on Saturday, February 22. It runs for approximately 50 minutes and is aimed at children up to seven years old.

Tickets are available at the Hillingdon Theatres website (or call 01895 250615). Prices are £12 per person or £30 for a family of three. For both children and parents, dressing up as a pirate or a princess is encouraged.

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